How to Print an Emails from iPhone, iPad [iOS 17.4.1]: Using AirPrint or Without Printer

Printing emails from iPhone and iPad is too easy with AirPrint, you must learn how to print emails from iPhone 13 Pro Max, any iPhone

Usually, when you want to print anything, you need to connect the printer to your desktop or Mac using wire cables. All the time it is not comfortable because you have to stick yourself towards the mac and then only printing can be done. Also, We have Great Options for Print mail from iPhone, iPad, and iPod directly using Special Accessories and Below Tricks.

But now Apple is getting an advance and providing many facilities to work effortlessly and efficiently from anywhere. Since iPhone is a crucial member of the Apple family, it is also getting advanced features to improve its performance.

Printing any document from iPhone becomes very fast and comfortable using AirPrint printers. You can print emails directly from the mailbox of iDevice by connecting the iPhone with AirPrint printers. Airprinter enables iPhone to connect to wifi, and now a wide range of printers are supporting the AirPrint function.

So here are some tips to print mail directly from the mailbox of iPhone through AirPrint or Without AirPrint

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Step 1: Open up the email from the mailbox of the iPhone whichever you want to print. For printing, any PDF document or attachment file tap to open it and print.


Step 2: Tap on the share, if the printing option is not visible then swipe left to find it.


Also see the pages option, mean want selected pages print – Choose radio button selection.

Step 3: After clicking on the printing option make sure that your device is connected with AirPrint printer for further process.

Step 4: If it is not connected, search AirPrint printer and tap on print. Finally, you can see the results from the printer.


Finally, tap on the “Print” button at the upper right corner of the screen.

The combination of AirPrint and iPhone has a lot more advantages, not only you can print emails but also can print any documents and pictures directly from Safari using the AirPrint function at any instant wirelessly….

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How to Print Email Attachment From iPhone

Print Attachment document from an Email message on iPhone mail app easy just like you save and share the document to other or in Files app. To do that, First, you have to Save/Download to your iPhone to Preview your document. Follow the below steps.

  1. Open the Messages mail app on iPhone and Scroll to Email and find the attachment. Tap on to download. Unfortunately, we can’s Open the Preview of zip or RAR file on the Mail app. See the Share icon [Square box with upper arrow icon].find-email-attachment-on-iphone-mail-app-and-download-on-iphone (1)
  2. you will see a share sheet to directly forward or share on Other social app or Files app. Scroll to the option “Print”. Now, select Nearby Wireless Printer, Number of Copies, Pages, Paper Size. Also, select Paper and Print finally.print-attechment-document-on-iphone-mail-app (1)
  3. That’s it.

Print iPhone email without AirPrint

And the other way to print mail from your mail account is, instead of the mail app on iPhone or iPad. sometimes we don’t have iPhone, iPad compatible AirPrint printers,  but we have a separate painting system that is connected with a computer or Mac.

That means without a Bluetooth printer or wireless printer we can print out the same iPhone, iPad mail using a web browser.

Open below web address for the specific type of mail account

  • iCloud  ->
  • Gmail ->
  • Outlook ->
  • Yahoo mail ->

After that log in with your username or email id and password

Go to the mail inbox open the mail that we won’t print from the connected printer use command + P (On Mac) for Control + P (Windows) from the keyboard.  Find a printer and take a print form for the mail that you won’t print.

This is a quick and alternate solution for a print email from iPhone iPad without the AirPrint printer or other wireless printers.

Right now Apple doesn’t give an option in the mail app for export mail into PDF format.

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