How to Add Nicknames To Contacts on iPhone (Messages, Siri)

Generally, whenever you try to add a new contact on your iPhone at that time, you get there are three text fields First name, Last name, and Company. Even if you want to add a Prefix, Middle name, Maiden name, or suffix or thinking of adding a nickname on iPhone contacts. In addition, have you any idea? Right, Don’t worry. Here you will learn about customizing iPhone Contacts. Like to know tips for all iPhone users who are running the latest iOS/iPadOS version.

Before Get Started steps, we discuss in brief what is the benefit of Nickname in contact on the iPhone. Yes, you also need to know the genuine gain of your way. Siri can easily understand short names mean nicknames, so using Siri, you can easily call your family member, call a friend, and that contact has the nickname. Easy to remember for mail, event time, etc. Therefore, to get more experience on your iPhone, you should go the following way.

How to Use Nickname on iPhone, iPad in Phone App, Messages, Siri Command: Remove/Update Nickname or Hide

1). Steps to Add NickName For Contact on iPhone, iPad

Here’s the First steps for How do you add a Nickname to iPhone Contacts. Later on, you will see How to Display on Messages, Hide from Messages and Delete/Update Nickname if you want.

Step 1. Open Phone on your iPhone home screen, Find Contact from List, and Tap On Contact name.

Launch the contacts app tap contacts numbers on iPhone

Step 2. Find and Tap on Edit From the top right corner of the Scroll The Screen.

Click on edit tap the scroll the screen on iPhone

Step 3. Scroll to the Option Add Field.Tap and select Nickname field added on your Phone Contact.

Select add field tap on nickname on iPhone

Step 4. Now, Scroll up and Type a New Nickname, here I am adding the Howtoisolve Team.
Step 5: Tap on Done to Save.

Click on nick name then done button on iPhone

That’s it. Now, a Nickname will appear on the Messages app, and Using the Siri command, we can call or Direct messages without knowing other people around us. This is a great security feature.

So share your experience after using this way and leave a caption about how it seems to Add a Nickname on iPhone Contacts. Using this same way, you can also add Pronunciation first name, phonetic middle name, Pronunciation last name, etc.

2). Enable/Disable Show NickName on the Messages app on iPhone, iPad

Now, Message Displays the name of NickName in place of First name or Last name saved on your iPhone Phone app. Below are the steps for Showing or hiding a nickname on the iPhone Messages app.

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone next, and tap on Scroll to Contacts.

Launch the settings app tap contacts on iPhone

2. Now Tap on Short Name Scroll to “Prefer Nickname” Toggle to Green/Enable.

Select short name turn ON prefer nicknames on iPhone

That’s it. Now Your Messages app will display Nickname By default. Turn off Nickname showing on Messages app, Then Disable the Above toggle.

3). How Messages Display Nickname on iPhone, iPad

If the Prefer nickname settings are enabled under iPhone Contacts settings, Explained in above. Then your Messages app will see a screen like below, See Difference before and Later. To Hide Nickname “Messages Display Name Always Using Nickname”.

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone next, and tap on Scroll to Contacts.

Launch the settings app tap contacts on iPhone

2. Now Tap on Short Name Scroll to “Prefer Nickname” Toggle to enable/disable.

Tap on short name toggle ON:OFF prefer nicknames on iPhone

4). To Remove/Delete Nickname For Contact on iPhone, iPad Phone app

If you want to remove or Delete/Update Nickname for contact on your iPhone, Then Follow the below steps.

1. Launch the Phone App on your iPhone. Find and Tap on Contact Name.

 Launch the contacts app tap boddy baker on iPhone

2. Now, Tap on Edit Button from the top Right corner. Tap on (x) button next to the Nickname field.
3. Tap on Done to Save or Remove Nickname from iPhone. Or You can Update by Tap on Nickname.

Click edit tap (i) X disable on done button on iPhone

That’s it.

5). How to Use Nickname on iPhone for Siri Call, Messages

We can use Nickname for Easy to Remember or Hide the Privacy, So we can call or use Nickname on your iPhone for Messages as well.

You can call Using Siri command (Enable hey Siri on iPhone): hey Siri, Call Howtoisolve Team. Your iPhone will call to your Contacts saved with Nickname.

Hey Siri call to your contacts on iPhone.

That’s it.

6). Crazy Nickname suggestions from Game Center or Use for Contact on iPhone

Nickname always easy to Remember so you can Set Number or Place name, Animal Name, Your Country PM’s name or Famous Celebrity name, You can Also Save as an Emergency Services, Short Name. No one case Guess if your iPhone shows by Someone, messages. So, Let’s Share yours though on what should you prefer as a nickname for Gamers or save as a contact on the iPhone Phone app?

Stay tune-up with us to get daily more new tips and tricks. Share your Problem and Confusion on Nickname.

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