iOS 16.5 New Emoji Download, Copy & Paste on iPhone in 2023

Are you excited to see and use New trending Apple emojis on your Chat, Mail & Messages? Here are the copiable emoji you can paste somewhere on your Device [iPhone, Android, and Mac, Windows] PC that supports and is unsupported with the installed OS version.

To see this emoji on your Webpage, your Device must be updated with the latest iOS or iPadOS, and macOS Ventura, Monterey. If still you won’t able to see then wait for more. Until copy the emoji and use it for Social Profile [Personal use only].

Note: Don’t use these emojis for paid promotion. Use it personally and for free use. Now latest update is iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5 is available. If you missed iOS 16 update, kindly upgrade your mobile to iOS 16.5 to get all the new emojis.

Have a Look New Apple Emoji to Copy and Paste on iPhone, iPad

Get on your iPhone or iPad: Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install. [latest iOS is also added New Apple Emoji] Once the installation is finished, See the new Emoji on your Keyboard. Here’s a full guide on how to add emoji to your iPhone keyboard.

iOS 16.5 (21 New Emojis)

Shaking Head, Pink Heart, Light Blue Heart, Donkey, Moose, Jellyfish, Hyacinth, Ginger, Blackbird and so on…see the below screen,

iOS 16.4 Emojis
iOS 16.4 Emojis

So, We have a total of 112 Emojis, By adding 37 New Emojis, and 75 Skin tone emojis.


  1. eggs – 🪺
  2. empty nest – 🪹
  3. x-ray – 🩻
  4. crutch – 🩼
  5. playground slide – 🛝
  6. wheel – 🛞
  7. Ring buoy – 🛟
  8. hamsa – 🪬
  9. mirror ball – 🪩
  10. jar – 🫙
  11. identification card, – 🪪
  12. low battery – 🪫
  13. while plants
  14. animals
  15. coral – 🪸
  16. Lotus. – 🪷
  17. Troll emoji
  18. beans – 🫘
  19. pouring liquid – 🫗
  20. Queen
  21. Equal
  22. Love Hand 🫶 and more…

In Picture file…


Watch the Video of the latest iOS Emojis to Download and install

Copy and Paste iOS Emojis from Here, Only the User can see who have installed the latest iOS on iPhone. and Start Using Emoji in the Folder name Like MacOS for the Lucrative iPhone screen.

Newest iOS emoji TTF Download

From the Apple developer source, you can download TrueType Font online for the New iOS Emoji. Download the TTF file and Use it for personal use. From the same like you can also download the New Emoji TTC file for free.

Comment me for more help! and Stay updated here with the Option for copy, when it’s released publically. that’s it.

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