How to block websites in Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple lets you block websites on any Apple devices including iOS, macOS, and iPadOS, this article explains how to block website on Safari.

Ways to block websites on iPhone safari running on the latest iOS and iPadOS, Apple gives a stunning option for filtering out targeted/ Selected website URLs or immature words on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In this process, you don’t have to spend a penny and install a third-party app on your iOS device. This is the best parental control on your child’s iPhone and iPad, like monitor your child’s iMessage, Call, and more.

Here you have two different options about search in Google search results through the safari browser. No other third-party browser can work as Safari. And very secure so that no one can change it without a Passcode and permission.

Different Ways to Block Websites on Apple Devices

Steps for blocking or disabling selected website URLs from access on the iPhone Safari browser.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Next, Find and Tap on the Screen Time option. Now, Scroll to the Content & Privacy Restrictions option.
Cntent Restriction in Screen Time on iPhone and iPad
Content Restriction in Screen Time on iPhone and iPad
  • Next, Tap on the Content Restrictions option.
  • Web Content Restriction on iPhone Safari
    Web Content Restriction on iPhone Safari
  • Then, Scroll to the Option, Web Content, and Tap on it.
    1. Unrestricted Access: No Any Restrictions on open and Visit Any website fron internet on Safari Browser.
    2. Limit Adult Websites: Limit access to many adult websites automatically. Specific allowed and restricted websites can be added below. add it manually in allows and never allows website URLs.
  • Set Websites Limit for Access on Safari iPhone and iPad
    Set Websites Limit for Access on Safari iPhone and iPad
  • Allowed Websites Only: Allow Access only to the websites below, add a new website from last add-website option. That’s it.
  • Add Specific Websites only for Access on Safari iPhone and iPad Browser
    Add Specific Websites only for Access on Safari iPhone and iPad Browser
  • Use any of the options for restrict website access on safari iPhone, iPad browser.
  • Older iOS version users can find Restrictions settings using the below steps.

    iPhone parental control apps also manage the Safari Web content while your kids visit the website. We can allow permission to the Third-Party app under the Safari settings on iPhone.

    1. Go to the Settings app on iPhone
    2. Scroll to Safari
    3. Content Blocker
    4. Enable the App that manages your Kids activity.

    See my screen,

    Enable Content Blocker Using App
    Enable Content Blocker Using App

    Block or stop immature words and Websites from a search result

    Apple gives an option to set safari default search engine what the user wants, But restriction about blocking website and words works for all search engines that you had set.

    To apply website restriction automatically, Go to the Setting > General > Restriction > Websites > Specific Websites only.

    Block selected word search from iPhone and iPad search

    Note: in adding a website, you need a passcode. Without a passcode, you never change (Add or remove blocked URL). Due to security reasons, this is the best way to block websites on iPhones.

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