How to bypass forgotten iPod touch Passcode when locked out or disabled

Last modified on: March 24th, 2018 07:31 am

Learn how to bypass forgotten iPod touch Passcode without restoring when locked out/Disabled even you‘ve forgotten Passcode iPod Touch 5th generation, 6th .

Get helpful best solution if you would like to bypass forgotten iPod touch Passcode without restoring. Then you can get it through jailbroken device.

Why you trying more if you already forgotten your iPod Passcode. Do you know, six times entering incorrect Passcode, your iPod Touch will be happening disabled. Even you’re already in this situation then don’t worry, we help you by giving Best Solved Tips –  bypass forgotten iPod touch Passcode without restoring when locked out or Disabled message in the black screen. Very useful Tip when you’ve forgotten iPod Touch Passcode so through this way you can easily resolve your issue without iTunes. You can use these tips for all iOS devices Such as iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad (iPad Air, iPad Mini).


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Best Followed – Bypass forgotten iPod touch Passcode without restoring on iOS 10/ 8

You don’t have need to unlock your iPod Touch to perform the jailbreak, this procedure as most are automated while remain can be completed using a USB cable and Mac or Windows Computer. Just after the jailbreak you need software app that enables access to the root drive. So read below step to resolve your issue.

Note – Attached your iOS device through supplied USB cable to the computer before start jailbrking.

Step to do jailbreak your iPod Touch

Step 1. Connect your iPod Touch to your Mac or Pc.

Step 2. Now, Tap on “Settings”; “General ”, and then “about”.

Step 3. Now, Make note of the firmware version shown on your iPod Touch.

Step 4. Let’s Download now and run a jailbreaking tools that apply to your iPod firmware.

Step 5. Now, Download & install a file browser from, or

Step 6. Double-click to launch the program on your desktop. The folders on the drive are scanned and displayed on the window.How to Bypass forgotten iPod Touch Passcode without restoring

Step 7. After step 6, Go to the “Var/Mobile/Library/Preferences” and right-click “” This is the file that tells the iOS device that a password is active.

Step 8. Click “Delete,” then navigate to “Var/Keychains.”

Step 9. Delete “Keychain-2.db.”

That’s it. How to seem this post for bypass forgotten iPod touch Passcode when locked out or disabled. Feel free to ask us relates any query.

Pre- request – All Passcode stored on your iPod are deleted during the Jailbreking procedure; so that you will have to re-enter them. These include Passcode such as Wi-Fi Passcode and other Passcode which are used by the app.

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