How to check Apple TV storage space and manage it

We know that Apple TV 4 comes in different storage capacity 32GB and 64 GB respectively. here is the complete guide for how much storage space available for install app and download offline media file to your Apple TV. Due to less space compare to other Apple Devices on TV, so specially you need to know or check Apple TV storage space timely, and that you can manage easily through Apple TV remote.

Steps for check Apple TV Storage space, how to manage space on Apple TV

Step 1: Go to the Setting app.

Step 2: Next, Choose General.

Step 3: Then, Go for Manage Storage under the Usage label. check Apple TV storage space on 1st, 3rd and 4th generation

This screen will show you a full list of installed app on allocated by more space. if you have downloaded more apps so you will get low storage space message on the TV screen.

Now, How to delete installed App from Apple TV

You can delete app in two different alternate ways, From the home screen.

Setting > General and Manage storage.

Highlight app and move to trash icon by press on the Siri Remote touch surface. The App will be gone automatically.

Delete an app from the TV screen. Just go with App and hold on an app until wiggle app with the cross mark. Now tap on Play/ Push button on your Apple TV remote. Now go with delete option and press it for delete.

To overcome Apple TV storage space problem you need to purchase best Apple TV as of your needs and usage (if you want to buy for play games, Download Media, Open apps; then 32GB efficient for you) buy want more apps and long term planning then go with 64GB.

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Above steps are very simple and Straightforward for check Apple TV storage space on your new Apple TV 4th generation.


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