How to Connect Xbox Controller to Mac (macOS Ventura Updated)

Last Updated on Sep 21, 2022

It’s a bit challenging to find the games that work best with the Mac since we all know Mac machines are more about creating graphic designs than gaming. Nevertheless, being Mac users, we always find a way out, and amazing games that work perfectly with the Mac. Indeed, mostly all the gaming controller operates on Bluetooth connectivity, and so does the Xbox controller. This short tutorial will show you how to pair Xbox Controller with MacBook Pro in the easiest way available. Previously, the MacBook and Mac didn’t have any official support for the game controller like Xbox, PS4 controllers, etc.

Keep note that if your MacBook or Mac is updated to the macOS Catalina or later, then only you’ll be able to connect the Xbox controller to Mac. The Xbox controller functions very well with all the popular games, whether it is Fortnite or the games available on the Apple Arcade. Let’s jump into the tutorial and learn how to pair or Connect Xbox Controller to Mac.

How to Connect Xbox Controller to Mac

Check the Bluetooth Compatibility of your Xbox Controller

Check Xbox Controller Bluetooth Compatibility
Check Xbox Controller Bluetooth Compatibility

Of course, the controller needs power-packed batteries, insert them before connecting with Mac. Besides, keep the controller closer to the Mac while pairing.

  1. Turn on the Xbox Controller, press and hold the Xbox button to boot it.
  2. Now hold down the button at the top side of the controller to put it into pairing mode for at least 3 seconds.
Press and hold Pairing Button
Press and hold Pairing Button
  • Open the Bluetooth settings on the Mac, from the System Preferences of the Mac.
  • Turn On Bluetooth.
  • If you see the Xbox Controller on the Bluetooth menu, right-click on it.
  • Next, click Connect.
  • Let the controller pair with the Mac.
  • This is it! Open any game that supports the controller and start playing on the Mac. Furthermore, few games will let you customize the controller settings from their settings of the specific game.

    Once it is paired with the Mac, you cannot use it, controller, with any other device or Xbox itself. For that, unpair it from the Mac and then connect with any other device.

    How to Unpair Connected Xbox Controller from Mac

    Lately, if you want to unpair the Xbox controller from MacBook, Mac, then here’s the way.

    1. Click on the Apple menu on the top menu bar.
    2. Go to System Preferences.
    3. Open Bluetooth settings.
    4. Right-click on the Xbox controller and select Unpair.

    Unpairing the controller is always a good option when there are any connection issues between the controller and the Mac.

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