Enable/Disable Animation Art Motion in Apple Music on iPhone – iOS 17.3.1/14

The iOS 14 has definitely won the hearts of many iPhone users; in this article, we will share one more tip that will surely amaze you and of course force you to enable this feature. We are talking about Apple Music, you might have presumed from the title. The major improvements for the Apple Music are Autoplay, Optimized Layout for iPad, enhanced Search, Haptic Feedback, Listen Now, and Art Animations. From the beginning I’m the fan of the album posters in Apple Music, how incredible they look and decorate the Apple Music, isn’t it? This fall, Apple has taken one more step towards enhancements, by adding the Animation Art Motion in Apple Music.

They have given two options to choose from, simply turn it on and select Wi-Fi only, so when the iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi network, the art animations will likely to appear. Mainly, the animations will work for the Apple curated playlists and personalized music library. You’ll see the animations in the Listen Now tab. As of right now, the animations are only available in the Listen Now window on the featured playlist. Let’s see how to turn on Animation Art Motion in iOS 14.

Apple Music: Enable/Disable Animation Art Motion in iOS 14 iPhone

If you are on limited Cellular Data, and always use the Apple Music, then choose the Wi-Fi Only option to prevent data usage.

  1. Go to the Settings App.
  2. Scroll down to the Music, tap to open it.

    music App settings on iPhone
    music App settings on iPhone
  3. Tap Motion.
  4. You can choose from On, and Wi-Fi Only.

    Motion Settings for Apple music on iPhone
    Motion Settings for Apple music on iPhone
  5. To disable tap Off.

You may have read that Motion will not play when the iPhone’s battery is low or it is connected to a poor internet connection, just to make sure you get to keep the iPhone turned on until your reach home while listening to songs.

Looking at Apple’s notice, at least it is confirmed that Art Animations uses the additional battery and data.

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