How to Customize Control Center on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

1 Customize Control center on iPhone XR

Apple changes the ways to use the control center on full-screen iPhone models. Now, We can Add, Remove or Rearrange controls in Control center. On iPhone X and later model, you can access the control center on the lock screen and home screen in a different way. Swipe down your figure from the top right corner of the screen, to view control center and the more settings like battery career and network signals quickly and easily. According to digitaltrends, control Centre is fabulous features for iPhone users [Top 10 features and settings].

Let’s see how to customize the control center on iPhone Xr or later all new iPhone. Also, make it enable or disable when we use for access shortcuts on your phone Xr.

Steps to enable control center and arrange, customize it according to use on iPhone

  1. Step 1: go to the “settings” have on your iPhone 10 hour.
  2. Step 2: Scroll down to “Control Centre” option, and tap on it.

Customize Control Center on iPhone XR Settings app

Enable access within apps option to use control Centre when we are using third party apps or games. This option is very useful because we can manage different options without leave application, like rotate screen, brightness intensity, Wi-Fi or cellular data, camera app, low power mode calculator and more option.

And the next is customize control center

  1. Yeah, you can see all the inactive controls at the bottom Under “more controls” option.
  2. Just tap on + sign to add new shortcut in control Centre screen.

Customize control center on iPhone XR

So you can rearrange the order of control Centre controls, using three vertical lines that help to track at the top to bottom or in between. Once you add and set all the controls in a control center tap on back to save it.

Now you can use a customized control center as we talk earlier.

Hope you like my tricks on Enable or Customize control center on iPhone Xr. that’s really helpful and makes your iPhone Xr user friends that control from a single screen. that’s the control center. Follow me on:

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