Remove browsing history from iPad and iPhone

How to Delete Search History Safari, Chrome, Dolphin browsers on Your iPhone, iPad

Safari is a great browser for apple devices especially for iPhone, iPad. But most of the users not happy with safari due to not user-friendly, not fast like chrome, Easy option for bookmark page, save the page, desktop view, Private mode and more. In that case, we have quality best iPad browsers that you use and make safe by removing browsing history and more. So you need to learn about each browser on how to delete history on iPad.

The browser has no parental control or passcode for access/ change settings and more. In that case, we have to be prepared or alert about no one case see our past activity or important URLs cheat from your iOS device. Also, I discussed in this article on how to delete history on the iPad and iPhone as well as running on the latest iOS.Remove browsing history from iPad and iPhone

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Steps on How to delete history on iPad, iPhone: Google Chrome, Safari, Dolphin, Mercury, Puffin

How to Delete Search History on Google Chrome browser App on iPhone, iPad

  1. Go to the Google Chrome app on iPad or iPhone,
  2. Tap on Top right three-dot icon
  3. Tap History from the menu option
  4. Tap Clear Browsing Data
  5. Click on Clear All > Done.

See below image on removing all history for Google chrome app on iPad or iPhone.How to delete history on iPad safari browser

How to Delete Search History on safari on your Apple iPhone

  1. Tap on the bookmark icon on your safari browser page,
  2. this page will be shown all URLs under the history tab.
  3. Next, Tap on clear for removes all saved data or URLs page to a browser.

remove safari history from iPhone, iPad

How to Delete Search History on Remove history on Dolphin browser iOS App on iPhone

  1. Launch Dolphin browser on iOS or iPadOS device.
  2. Tap on the three-line option icon.
  3. The site pane will be shown on the screen with the half pane.
  4. Click on History
  5. Tap on Clear.

To remove all history saved on the browser.

clear saved history on Dolphin app

How to Delete browsing history on Mercury browser App on iOS

  1. Open the Mercury browser App
  2. Tap on Book icon appears on the bottom bar
  3. Next Tap on History.
  4. Tap Clear.history settings on Mercury iPad app

That’s it!

How to Delete Search History on Puffin browsers iOS App

  1. From browser webpage tap on option dot icon,
  2. option panel icons that show a list of settings icons including history option.
  3. Tap on History
  4. Next Tap on Clear from the top right.

iPad app for remove history on Puffin

That’s it!!

Above steps are common for iPhone, iPad. Also covered most of the popular iOS browsers guide on How to delete history on iPad, iPhone step by step.

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