How to Disable/ Turn Personal Requests Off on HomePod

When a user Setting up HomePod, the Screen open up on Apple device concern personal Request and that asks to Enable personal Requests. This feature makes Homepod allow anyone like guest, your friends to use to send and read text messages, add reminders, and create new notes and with the iPhone when it connected to the Same Wi-Fi network.

In case, during HomePod Setup, unknowingly you granted Personal requests for your HomePod. After few days, if you a user experiencing annoying or your mind change concern privacy like your HomePod function access by other people who comes at your home and already connected to your local Wi-Fi network that also synced with HomePod then you should turn off it. You guy, you can disable Personal Requests on your HomePod by following technique. Let’s see the entire procedure carefully.

Disable Personal Requests on HomePod Siri Specker

Step #1. First of all, you should bring your iPhone or iPad near to your Apple HomePod

Step #2. Tap on Set Up

Step #3. Now, you have to select your HomeKit room for your HomePod. If applicable.

Step #4. Next, Tap Enable Personal Requests if you turn them on, or Not now If you wish to leave feature off.

Tap Agree. That’s it!

Turn Personal requests ON or OFF at any time you want by using iPhone or iPad Home App

In case you do not enable personal requests during HomePod setup, No problem, you can enable or disable them at any time in the Home app. So, for example, you can turn them off when you’re in the group and ON/enable when you’re alone.

Open up the Home app on your iPhone or iPad (Pro, Mini, Air) Home screen.

Tap on the Add Home button (looks like a location arrow), top right.

Tap on your Profile picture.

Now Tap Personal Requests.

Toggle Personal Requests enable or disable.

Enable or Turn Off Personal Requests HomePod

Choose For Secure Requests to require authentication on iPhone or iPad.

Do you have any question or issue to turn off Personal requests on HomePod? Let me know in the comments.

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