How to Edit Live Photos in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

In this article, you can learn everything about iOS 11 live Photos including how to take a Live Photos, Extract a picture from a live Photo, trim Live photos, Edit Live Photos in iOS 11 or later iPhones and iPad Pro. live photos not just a traditional photo but that gives little alive emotion with sound before and after you capture a photo. so it Makes your Photos app Albums pretty memorable and amazing. To take live photos is simple like a normal photo. But so far to make an editing into live photos was difficult into past iOS. Even though, after update to iOS 11. I’m very happy to edit live Photos iOS 11 on my iPhone 7.

Before getting started you need to know what is a Key photo for live photos? The Key Photo is a single frame of particular live Photo that looks like a featured image in Photos Album.

Complete Guide on Edit Live Photos in iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad pro, iPad 2017

Edit Live Photos in iOS 11 on iPhone iPad Pro

Set Key Live Photos in iOS 11 on iPhone

Step #1. Open the Photos app from your iPhone home screen.

Step #2. Now choose the Live Photo which you want to edit.

Step #3. Tap the Edit button.

Step #4. Now, on the scrubber that appears at bottom of the screen, you have to select the frame which you want to set as the new Key Photo.

Step #5. Tap Done and save the change.

You’re done!

I think, still, your Live Photos editing incomplete. To make your live photos pretty cool, you can use built-in tool and photo editing functions like photo crop, photo rotating, new filters, light/ color/ Black &white and Markup as well third-party tool, for example, You Doodle to overlay text on the Picture.

How to Use Markup tool in Live Photo

Indeed, there isn’t any way to use Markup in live Photos editing, but it will ask you want to convert the still frame to use Markup tool.

Step #1. Launch the Photos App then Select a Live Photo and tap Edit.

Step #2. Tap on the More (three dots placed in the circle) option. You will get a pop-up on the screen says Live Photo Will be turned off and edits will apply to see the still photo only.

Step #3. Now tap Markup and use all available functions free of cost.

That’s it!

Do you want to mute/ turn off sound in live Photos in iOS 11?

Launch Photos App- Open a live Photos – Edit- Tap on Sound

Apply new Effects to Live Photo in iOS 11 on iPhone

Step #1. launch the Photos app → Choose a Live Photo.

Step #2. Next, you need to swipe up on your photo.

Step #3.Here you have four options: Live, Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure; Just tap on the effect that you want to use.

How to Trim Live Photos in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad Pro

Step #1. Take a Live photo or open the Photos App and choose the live Photo which you want to trim.

Step #2. Tap the Edit button.

Step #3. on the scrubber that appears at bottom of the screen, You need to set the frame to the left and right side as you want to keep.

Step #4. After trimming live photo, don’t forget to tap Done because it does work to save changes.

Undo/Revert Live Photos to Original in iOS 11 on iPhone/ iPad

Step #1. Open the Photos App – Choose a Live Photo – Hit Edit button.

Step #2. Tap on Revert option appears at the bottom right corner of the screen and then tap again on Revert to Original to Confirm undo.

The Live Photo will be immediately reverted to the original live Photos.

That’s it!

All steps apply on live Photos Supported iPhones (iPhone 6S/6S+, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone SE and later) and iPad Pro without worry. and enjoy new decorative live photos for all time.

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