9 Fix Photos Stuck Preparing to Import From iPhone on Mac 2024

Here’s all about to fix Preparing to import from iPhone blinking and macOS Photos stuck Preparing to import from iPhone. We’ve seen how good the iPhone can be at taking great photos with minimal effort. Also, there seems to be a lot of data, images, and other essential data to keep safe.

However, the device has limited storage space (unless it gets to store everything in the cloud).

It’s pretty simple! Import iPhone photos using a USB cable. On your Mac, open the Photos app, find iPhone, then select Import to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac.

When transferring images from an iPhone to an iMac or MacBook, many iPhone users face the issue “Cannot import photos from iPhone to Mac”.

Transferring photos from iPhone to Mac is usually easier. However, sometimes the Photos app on your Mac may not recognize your iPhone. Worse yet, although your iPhone can’t identify, the Photos app may get stuck preparing to import from iPhone on Mac.

This article explains why you can’t import images from iPhone to Mac and how to troubleshoot it.

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Let’s get to know diverse ways of managing with Photos stuck preparing to import from iPhone:

Hint #0: Please Allow this device to access photos and videos? This device will be able to access photos and videos while its is connected to your iPhone. Tap Allow. It’s okay.


Hint #1: Are you using broken USB to lighting cable to connect your phone to Mac? please try other cable to sync your phone to Mac Machine.

hint #2. Turn On airplane Mode on your iOS device and again turn off AirPlane mode workable for almost M1chip Mac users. This work for both Apple M1 silicon chip and Intel chip MacBook Pro/ MacBook Air and M1 Mac mini.

1. Make Sure Your iOS Device Trusts Your Mac

If you don’t connect your iPhone to your Mac regularly, you’ll need to enable “trust the computer” to prevent having to wait longer to import images from your iPhone.

Affirm that you trust the Mac and then input your passcode on your iOS smartphone to complete the process.

If you’ve already linked the iPhone, the pop-up will display, and all you have to do now is to hit “Trust.” Your passcode will not be required.

if you don’t approve this process till that your Mac photos app shows you message Preparing to import from iPhone or iPad whatever device connected to Mac computer.

2. Reset iPhone Location And Privacy

If you’re willing to import from iPhone on the screen but the Mac doesn’t acknowledge your device, there may be a connectivity problem.

In some cases, the association error can happen because of location and security settings.

1→ Go to Settings, and after that, General.

2→ Tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone/Reset.

3→ Select Reset Location & Privacy on iPhone, and it’s get done.

It could assist you in resolving to plan to moment from iPhone. After attempting this approach your Apple iOS or iPadOS gadget unable to show you pictures on Mac screen, go to the next trick.

3. Restart The iOS Device As Well As The Mac

The most definitive solution to resolve stuck on preparing to import from iPhone on Mac problem error is to restart your iPhone or Mac.

To restart, Click Apple Menu > Restart, so you can deal with photographs that need to get imported from your iPhone.

On the other hand, different iPhone generations get rebooted in various ways. For your convenience, we’ve broken down each generation.

iPhone X, 11, 12, or 13

For these versions of the iPhone, you need to press the power button and volume button simultaneously.

After that, drag the Power Off slider and wait 30 seconds.

You can now turn your iPhone back on.

iPhone SE, 5, or Previous Versions

To turn your iPhone off, press and hold the top button for a few seconds to reveal the slider button, then drag that slider and wait up to 30 seconds.

Now again, please press the button and hold it until the Apple symbol shows up on the screen to turn it on.

iPhone SE, 8, 7, or 6

Keep pressing the side button until the control off slider appears.

Drag the slider button for 30 seconds to turn off the device.

Now, please press the button and hold the side button to turn it back on.

3.2 Change Auto-Lock to Never on Your iPhone setting

You should change your iPhone auto lock time if it is locked quickly. From the iPhone, go to Settings, choose Display & Brightness and change Auto-Lock to Never.

After this, Try to connect your phone to a Mac computer and open the photos app; on it, you will see the iPhone name listed under the devices section.

Your device can take more than 5 minutes or more but eventually all your Apple cellphone pictures will be displayed which allowing you to import them into the MacOS Photos app.

on this, what i’m thinking that numbers of pictures in iPhone photos app taking long time for all the pictures to load and with Auto-Lock screen enabled the connection between phone and mac computer would time out and therefore no photos would be displayed under Devices.

4. Disable iCloud Photo Sync

To fix the images that won’t import from the iPhone problem, turn off iCloud photos.

Your iCloud images sync with your iPhone, which requires a robust internet connection. This technique makes it difficult for your Mac to detect the photos on your iPhone.

To turn off iCloud Photo Sync, follow these steps:

1→ Go to your iPhone’s Settings.

2→ Select App ID, followed by iCloud > Photos.

3→ Currently, disable iCloud Photographs.

If you follow these instructions, you should be able to fix pictures that have arisen from your iPhone quickly.

5. Configuring Your iOS Device And Mac To The Latest Version

Your Mac and iOS versions appear to be outdated, resulting in incompatibility.

When photographs from the iPhone get imported, the problem will worsen. Follow the instructions below to address this situation:

on iPhone,

1→ Go to your iPhone’s Settings.

2→ Next, select General and then Software Update.

3→ Select Download and Install new software version

On Mac

You can update your Mac’s system by doing the following:

1→ Go to the Apple Menu in the lower-left corner of your screen and select System Preferences.

2→ To install available OS updates, go to Software Update and update Now.

6. Debilitate Your iOS Personal Hotspot

Go to your iPhone personal hotspot setting screen and turn off the “Allow others to join” option. If there is a hotspot, the iPhone seems to be asking to trust the computer.


Surprisingly, after disabling the hotspot, you will no longer be prompted to confirm that you trust your computer. I’m sure that after disabling allow others to join within milliseconds it started importing.

The same is true when capturing images. For example, if you run Image Capture with hotspot enabled, a lock will appear next to your phone. However, disabling the hotspot usually makes safety go away.

7. Setting up Image Capture Connect for Mac

If you can’t upload an image from your iPhone using Photos, try Image Capture.

However, image capture can be slower and requires more steps to complete the process.

Here’s how to use image capture in this situation:

1→ After connecting your iPhone to your Mac, now wait for the syncing procedure to finish.

2→ Look for image capture in the application folders. To use this app, first, open it and enter a passcode.

3→ Go to the left panel and search for iPhone in the list of devices.

4→ Photos and image capture will both show your photos. You may now select and import your preferred ones without having to worry about your iPhone becoming stuck.

8. Wirelessly Transfer iPhone Photos to Mac (via Airdrop or Mail)

There is also a quick way to troubleshoot the connection or hang issues. Send photos from iPhone to Mac using wireless methods like Airdrop and Mail.

1→ To switch on Bluetooth on your iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth.

2→ Open the Photographs app and select the photographs you need to moment to Mac.

3→ Click the Share button at the cleared out foot, and after that, select Airdrop.

4→ Choose your Mac to transfer the photographs to. Check the Bluetooth settings twofold if your Mac gadget doesn’t show up.

5→Wait for your photographs imported from iPhone to Mac.

9. Import Photos from iPhone to Mac Using Third-Party Tools

Before manually importing images to your Mac, you should first address all of the issues outlined above.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure what’s wrong by adding photos one by one can take a long time.

In this situation, using a powerful third-party tool to transfer images between iPhone and Mac is a wise choice. It allows you to move photos between iPhone and Mac quickly and easily.

That concludes the solutions to the problem of importing photos from iPhone to Mac. Compared to usual solutions, if the iPhone is stuck on preparing to import from iPhone on Mac, this approach can prevent you from encountering complicated issues. We hope the solutions mentioned above will be useful to you in this regard.

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