Fix iOS 17.3.1 Emoji Keyboard Missing on iPhone 15, 14 (Pro Max)

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  • Add the Apple emoji keyboard to your iPhone keyboard, as this article explains.
  • Follow the other solutions to fix all issues on the emoji keyboard not working.

Recently I faced a big issue with Apple I Think without updated iOS, and I noticed that the globe icon disappeared from the keyboard on my iPhone. From there, I can change or switch third-party keyboards and emoji keyboards as well. But I have seen the globe Key missing or Emoji Key missing on iOS Keyboard near to the microphone icon or Space Bar.

To show or use the Emoji keyboard on iPhone/iPad, We must have at least one keyboard activated under the settings on your iPhone/iPad. Here are the steps for enabling the Emoji keyboard or Glob icon to switch between the Third-Party Keyboard that has been installed but not activated. Glob icon/Emoji icon location is moved under the virtual Apple Keyboard pane. Home button iPhone users will get this icon Beside the Space key on the Keyboard. Get new Emoji on iOS and later running iPhone and iPad.

Configure & Fix Emoji Keyboard On iPhone

Solution #1. Get Back Missing Emoji icon on iPhone Keyboard

Step 1: Launch Settings app on your iPhone.
Step 2: Scroll the General Tap.

Settings click on general on iPhone

Step 3: Click on the keyboard and then press on keyboards.

Click on keyword on iPhone

Step 3: Next, tap “Add New Keyboard..
Step 4: Carefully search the bar Emoji keyboard (Pre-installed on all iOS versions by Apple).
Step 5: Then, keyboards are the find emoji keyboards.

Click add new keyword search emoji on iPhone

Step 6: Access the keyboard to Verify and launch the messages App on the iPhone.
Step 7: Tap on any Message conversation.

Messages click the any one messages on iPhone

Step 8: Open the emoji keyboard by tapping the Emoji Key, OR select an emoji, click on the search bar, and select the desired emoji.

Select emoji search emoji select on iPhone

Step 9: Go with alphabetical order, See Emoji just like in my screen below.

Click share then by delivered on iPhone

Tap on it.

Now you are done, open the Message app for the test. Otherwise, you can check it on the Mail app, Note App, or Social app (WhatsApp, Instagram, Vine, Messenger, or any other).

For the Apple keyboard, the Third-Party app will also be listed there, Add this forsee and use by a switch in to the default keyboard

The new keyboard also comes with one-handed features. Get more on this tutorial and tips. I hope you get the Emoji/Glob icon back on your iPhone.

Restart Requires if Icon is not Showing:

Otherwise, your iPhone keyboard settings don’t see emoji keyboards in a list. Get more: Force Restart iPhone/iPad [Something is stuck with your Apple Keyboard, So you need to refresh the iOS/iPadOS using a hard Reboot. Use Multiple vital combinations to do it first.]

I hope you fix the problem with the Emoji Keyboard missing on iPhone and iPad or the Emoji/ Globe key not being found. Sometimes, It crashes as well. Also, see the best third-party keyboard apps for iOS. And use it instead of the default emoji keyboard.

Solution #2. Re-enable Emoji Keyboard

If the Emoji keyboard is already mentioned in the list but is still missing on your iPhone, we suggest re-enabling it.

Step 1: Go to the Settings App on your iPhone. Select General Tab. 

Launch the settings app tap on general on iPhone

Step 2: Tap on the keyboard.
Step 3: On the next screen, tap on Keyboards. Tap on Edit from the top right corner of the screen. 

Click keyboard tap on keyboards select edit options on iPhone

Step 4: Tap on – Minus Icon next to the Emoji and select Delete

Click (-) minus tap on delete option then done on iPhone

Hopefully, this trick will work wonder if the minor bug is the error for Emoji keyboard missing. 

Solution #3. Update iOS

If you are experiencing a missing Emoji keyboard on your iPhone, a simple troubleshooting tip to fix it is to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version. However, a procedure for this is handy. Here’s how.

Step 1: Head to Settings App on your iPhone. Scroll down and select General.

Launch the settings app tap on general on iPhone

Step 2: Tap on Software Update. Now, let your iPhone check for updates. If available, tap on Install Now Option. 

Select Software Update Tap on Update Now on iPhone

Solution #4. Restart your iPhone

For those still going through missing Emoji keyboard, a handy solution you must try is restarting your iPhone. However, this procedure is different for iPhones with Face ID and Home Button. To restart your device, follow the steps below.

iPhone with Face ID: Press and hold the either Volume Buttons and the Side Key simultaneously until the Power Off Screen appears. Next, drag the Power-Off Slider and let your device turn off. Wait a while, press the Side Key until the device switches on. 

iPhone with Home Button: Press and hold the Side Key until the Power Off Screen appears. Next, drag the Power-Off Slider and let your device turn off. Wait a while, press the Side Key until the device switches on. 

If a normal restart doesn’t go by your side, then we suggest force restarting your iPhone. 

Step 1: Press and quickly release the volume up button.

Step 2: Press and quickly release the volume down button.

Step 3: Press and hold the side button.

Step 4: When the Apple logo appears, release the side button.

Solution #5. Reset Predictive emoji on iPhone

The Predictive emoji feature on your iPhone gives you recommendations for the following word you entered in the text field. If there is a glitch in this feature, then it could be the reason for the Memoji keyboard missing on the iPhone. To fix it, simply reset Predictive emojis by following the steps below.

Step 1: Head to the Settings App on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap on General.

Open Settings Choose General on iPhone

Step 2: On the next screen, hit Keyboard and turn off the toggle next to Predictive.

Click keyboard turn off predictive on iPhone

Step 3: After this, wait a while and re-enable the toggle next to Predictive. Besides this, also verify toggle next to the Stickers is enabled. 

Turn on predictive & turn on stickers on iPhone

Solution #6. Reset iPhone 

If emojis are still missing on your iPhone, at this point, all you can do is reset your iPhone to all settings. This option will not delete any of your iPhone Contacts, Messages, Photos, or Other media files. Still, we recommend create a backup of your iPhone. Once you do so, move forward to the next solution. 

Step 1: After creating the backup on your iPhone, go to Settings App. Scroll down and tap on General.

Open Settings Choose General on iPhone

Step 2: Swipe up from the bottom and tap Transfer or Reset iPhone. Select Reset.

Click on Transfer or Reset iPhone Tap on Reset on iPhone

Step 3: Hit Reset All Settings, enter your iPhone’s lock screen passcode, and enter Screen Time Passcode if asked. 
Step 4: Next, tap on the Reset All Settings for confirmation.  

Tap on Reset All Settings Enter Passcode Click to Confirm Reset All Settings On iPhone

Solution #7. Contact Apple Support 

If none of the solutions works on your side, it’s high time to take the help of a technician. There are different ways to contact them; for that, you can read our article on how to contact the Apple Support Team

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