How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music on Mac & iOS

Now make your Apple music primary in your Mac or iOS device. Apple released a stunning music application for all Apple’s device users as iTunes and Music app. A stamp provides amazing options on the move all songs from Spotify to apple music in iTunes or on your iOS device. Many users faced problems in the new iTunes update with the Apple music library destroyed.

Creating new playlists is a bit boring task for me, and I assume, you’d have the same issue. Till now, there were no applications available to transfer the playlist to Apple Music or vice versa, however, we’ve got one. In this short tutorial, I’ll walk you through the quickest way to transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music on Mac, and iOS.

How to Transfer Songs from Spotify to Apple Music App on iPhone


  • First of all, you’ll need an Apple Music subscription to transfer a Spotify Playlist to the Apple Music app.
  • The iCloud Music Library must be enabled to transfer the playlist, go to the Settings app on iPhone > Scroll down and tap Apple Music > Enable Sync Library Toggle.

How to Transfer Your Spotify Playlists to Apple Music Free

You must download the SongShift App from the App Store and follow the stepwise guide.

  1. Download the SongShift app on iOS devices.
  2. Once it is downloaded, launch the app and Tap on Plus Icon.
Launch SongShift App on iPhone
Launch SongShift App on iPhone
  • On the New Configurations screen tap on Setup Source > Connect More > and tap on Connect next to Spotify.
  • Set Up Source and Select Spotify
    Set Up Source and Select Spotify
  • Log in to your Spotify, enter the username and password and Scroll down and Agree to the Terms and Conditions if a pop-up appears.
  • If Spotify shows random error while login, then retry, due to system glitch, the error might occur, however retrying will resolve the issue.
  • Again select the Setup Source option and tap on the Spotify icon.  On the same screen, you can choose whatever you would like to transfer to the Apple Music app from Spotify. I’ve selected Playlist.
  • Add Spotify to New Configuration
    Add Spotify to New Configuration
  • The next step is to choose the Playlist to transfer from Spotify app. It’s time to  Setup Destination  > Connect  More.
  • Set Up Destination
    Set Up Destination
  • Proceed with connecting Apple Music as a Destination and then tap Authorize.
  • Connect Apple Music
    Connect Apple Music
  • To make sure the selected Destination App is correct, you’ve to tap on the Apple Music icon and hit the option from New Playlist, User Library, and Existing Playlist. I’ve chosen the New Playlist, so the Spotify Playlist will transfer to Apple Music app as a New Playlist.
  • Then, tap I’m Finished.
  • Select Apple Music as Destination
    Select Apple Music as Destination
  • Review the playlist and Confirm Matches to begin transfer.
  • Confirm Matches
    Confirm Matches
  • Sit back until the playlist transfers from Spotify to the Apple Music app.
  • Depending upon the number of songs stored in your playlist, the shifting process will take time. If you have more than one playlist to transfer, then follow the same steps and shift the playlists to Apple Music. The current transfer will not affect, and the new transfers will be in a queue.

    Except for force closing the SongShift app, you can do anything while the transfer takes place.

    Transfer songs from Spotify to Apple Music, iPhone, iPad

    • Step 1: Move to Stamp official website. Download and Install on your Mac OS X 10.9 or later versionmove all songs from Spotify to apple music in iTunes, Mac and iOS
    • Step 2: Launch it, on your Mac and Move to Apple Menu.
    • Step 3: Next, Click on System preferences.
    • Step 4: Now, Go to the Security & Privacy > Enable
    • Step 5: At the Other end login your Spotify account and Export (.CSV) file.
    • Step 6: Wait, it will take time depends on how much data you want to sync/ transfer music from Spotify to apple music.


    You can also move all songs directly from Spotify to Apple Music through STAMP 2.

    Only for testing, you can try it for the first ten songs to move from Spotify to Apple music. Then you have to activate a premium subscription (5.00 €).

    All the Spotify features are now available in the apple music app, so you should try and go with apple music. All the features currently present in the new music app.

    High definition sound quality, Download any song, and Play Offline. Get cheap premium subscription for individual users ($9.99) and Family subscription ($14.99). But now you can experience three months as a free trial. Then it will auto-renew automatically. (Turn off apple music auto-renew).

    If you are on Beats music, you can switch from Beat music to Apple music.

    Share with us if you are not comfortable or successfully moving all songs from Spotify to apple music.

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