How to playing music from iPhone to Apple TV

How to playing music from iPhone to Apple TV 4th, 3rd generation

Playing music from iPhone to Apple TV is damn need to know. The Apple will be launching their new Apple TV 4th generation with smart remote in near future. Therefore, before a purchase, you should need to know something basic tip for your knowledge. So here, you can learn how to access music from iOS 9 devices to Apple TV without physical USB cable mean by using Airplay. Using AirPlay you can also play your iTunes content on Apple TV, Even though you need internet connection.

There is a wireless method to access and playing Music from iPhone to Apple TV. I know that you would be much eagerly to do that, lets i’ll give you here a stepladder that will help you to become a master.

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Prerequisite:  your iPhone/iPad and Apple TV must turn on under same Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, you face a problem Airplay not working on iOS 9 to tvOS.

Learn steps to playing Music from iPhone to Apple TVHow to playing music from iPhone to Apple TV

Step 1. Turn on Wi-Fi on your iPhone/iPad and make turn on Wi-Fi on your Apple TV too.

Now follow 2ndstep to enable AirPlay on iOS 9 device,

Step 2. On your iPhone/iPad or iPod touch, Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Control centerplaying music from iPhone to Apple TV on iOS 9

Step 3. Tap on AirPlay

Step 4. Now tap on name of the device you want to playing music from iPhone to Apple TV.

Step 5. When you choose an AirPlay device, then Music will play on the TV that’s connected to your Apple TV.

You’re done.

Having you issue AirPlay missing on iOS 9? Please try this troubleshooting tip for AirPlay missing on iPhone, iPad.

We ardor, you would be taking iPhone music on your TV speaker. Airplay also works on Airport Express or AirPlay-enabled Sparkers.

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