How to see Apple Watch Activity app history on iPhone

How to get or see Apple Watch Activity app history on iPhone

Are you looking for to see Apple Watch Activity app history right? Don’t go anywhere here you know Steps to get Apple iWatch activity app history.

Apple Watch Activity app is good app to measures entire day activity Such as burned calories, brisk Activity, how many hours you stand at least 1 minute day to day. Activity app is working with three types of Ring likely Move, Exercise and Stand. All the Rings represent different- different functions.

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I think, you know only single way to open Activity app but, we’re reveal three ways to open up Activity app.

  1. Open Activity app form your Apple Watch Home screen
  2. if Activity app glance turn on, then you can open Activity app on your Apple iWatch through Swipe up from the Watch face.
  • You can turn on Activity app glance in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone under Glances > Activity.
  1. If you customized iWatch face to show Activity Rings, you can tap them from there to open Activity app.

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Steps to Get/ See Apple Watch activity app history

Step 1. Open up Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then

Step 2. Tap on My Watch

Step 3. Activity app, then Select History located left-bottom side of your iPhone screen.How to get or see Apple Watch Activity app history on iPhone

That’s it.

How much useful Apple Watch Activity app history is?

You can easily show comparison between day wise, months wise.

In addition, you also get your burdened day of the month and year.

Daily Variance of calories burned.

Through Apple Watch Activity app history you can know details about your achievements,

Active calories, total calories, and completed workouts in the Workout app on your Apple iWatch.

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