How to Type (°) Degree Symbol on iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro From iOS Keyboard

Not too difficult for how to type degree symbols in the text, Mail, Chat, or on Note app compare to the apple logo/ icon. For that you doesn’t need to type degree in text. Keep degree symbols is a good fashion for writing on a professional job. Due to lake of space and easy to find other characters iOS virtual keyboard designer minds about the importance of degree symbols. Not like the physical keyboard, we are using on Mac or PC.

If you are using Microsoft products, Microsoft office word, Powerpoint, Excel then you can type degree symbol from the insert menu. But what about on another application, look below steps you will find on your any iOS version. Because of this fashion still the same All Version of iOS/iPadOS on iPhone and iPad. All Models support Degree symbols, iPhone 11(Pro Max), iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8(8 Pro), iPhone 7(7 Plus), iPhone 6S, iPhone 5S, iPad, iPad Pro.

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How to Type Degree Symbol from iPhone, iPad, iPod Apple iOS/iPadOS keyboard

Launch app, at there you want to add degree (°) symbol behind numbers on the inline text.

  1. From the virtual keyboard on the iOS device go with the numeric number. By tap on 123 number key.
  2. Then, in the first row, you can see numbers 1 to 9, 0. Tap and “Hold 0 key”. Key would be automatically enlarged with 0 or Side degree symbol like in the below image. Slide your finger without lift up from screen to the degree symbol and after release once you marked with the blue button [Shown like below].

    Type Degree Symbole on iPhone Apple iOS Keyboard
    Type Degree Symbole on iPhone Apple iOS Keyboard

Noticed: Third-party keyboard language (Chinese, French, English UK, USA) and different keyboard layout also support degree symbol.

Note: We can also use or Type Apple Symbol on iPhone, iPad like degree icon on iPhone, iPhone, or iPad. Here is the guide to add any icon to the keyboard manually by creating a shortcut ID.

Type Degree Symbol on iPad pro keyboard

  1. Just like iPhone, We can also type Degree symbols from iPad Keyboard, Just tap on the Number key to Switch into the numeric keyboard.
  2. Next, Tap and Hold on “0” zero key, To Find Degree symbol.

    Type Degree Symbole from iPad ipad Pro Apple keyboard
    Type Degree Symbole from iPad/iPad Pro Apple keyboard
  3. Tap on Degree to type. That’s it.

Still are you not happy with the above-helping tutorial on How to type degree symbols from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch keyboard updated with iOS/iPadOS.

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