Fix iPhone Measure App Not Working, Crashing (iOS 17.4.1)

iPhone Measure App is a great tool to measure objects with the iPhone, but sometimes it crashes and won't work as expected, fix it.

To use measure apps apple didn’t declare any weather conditions but sometimes users facing issues like this. Here is Jay and I am sharing pro tips that help to measure distance and find the Object correctly and easily. In the future, Apple will add new features and options in AR-based app.

So, let’s get started and Enjoy new Measure apps in the latest iOS running iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Devices.

Measure app is free; It can be deleted from iPhone and Re-download from the app store for free if your iOS is updated with the latest version.

This technique works for the problems below,

  • Is your iPhone measure app Crashing
  • iPhone Measure app hanging and Freezing
  • Measure app missing or unable to Re-download after delete
  • Measure app is not detecting the object and set starting point.
  • A first point not set to the measurement start

Measure app issues and Solutions: Not Working, Error

I measured 15-centimeter door’s handle in below video with Measure app

Measure app keeps my iPhone hot or Draining Battery

  • Remove back case that passes out the air and keeps you iPhone cold in nature
  • Update iOS to your iPhone (My Personal experience is, First latest iOS version’s measure app getting hot too fast compare to recent test)
  • Close other apps and Background app refresh
  • Also Force close Measure app while not in use, You could do that in the case of Lagging, Freezing and Crashing while in use.
  • Don’t Waste time to measure object, be an expert.

My iPhone Gets too hot while using Measure apps on iPhone and Measuring objects.

Measure app not working in the Dark room or Low light

Darkroom or low light is not an issue, Keep the light at least the object will see you with your eyes.

Now, Take away your iPhone close to the object area so iPhone’s Lens can find the object and gives a starting point.

Sometime Measure apps don’t focus and identifying object in sunlight.

Keep your iPhone’s camera lens angle on the opposite side of the sunlight rays.

Measure app missing on iPhone, iPad after Update

Whatever the reasons, you can get back measure app on your iPhone using the guide given in my past article: Measure app missing or unable to find.

  • Force Restart your iPhone 13 (Pro max) Mini, iPhone 12 Series, iPhone 11, Xs sersi, X, 8 (Plus), 7 (Plus), 6S (Plus), 6 (Plus), 5S, 5, iPad
  • Re-Download Measure app from App Store
  • Restore iPhone using iTunes without losing that data. Restore iOS in recovery mode to the latest version on iPhone/iPad.

Restore Your iPhone/iPad without Data lost

  1. Connect your iPhone and iPad to iTunes via lightning cable.
  2. Unlock your iPhone to Sync & Detect iPhone on iTunes. iTunes will Take Backup on Mac automatically. Now Quit iTunes.
  3. Now Force Restart your iPhone X, [Other iPhone modes, Know iPhone Force Restart Guide]

Press and Quickly Release Volume up button, Press and Quickly Release Volume Down button. Now only Press and Hold Side button or Power Button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Also, keep your eyes on iPhone Screen, Your iPhone screen is Black and Showing Lighting connector & iTunes.

The iPhone is in recovery mode or DFU mode. Now open iTunes on Mac.

4. Now, You will see iTunes prompt that has two options, One is Update and Another is to restore. Go with Update to install the new copy of iOS on your iPhone X without lost or Wipe data.

You can’t catch your iPhone 12 in recovery mode, Repeat step 3 until you see iPhone in recovery mode.

Sit back until you see the screen like the new iPhone. Use iTunes to set up your iPhone, Because iTunes will restore all the data back to iPhone.

Note: You are stuck and unable to get out from recovery mode, So disconnect your iPhone from your Mac computer. Use the Side button to reboot iPhone.

Now Enjoy the Measure app [its Built-in app comes with new iOS firmware].

Hope you get help from us, Would you like to share any idea on behalf of this problems. Kindly touch with us via the comment box or On Our social pages: Facebook, Twitter, and Subscribe us & YouTube.

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