6 Fixed iPhone Wi-Fi Dropping Out and Disconnecting After iOS 17.4.1 Update in 2024

iPhone 13 Pro Max won't connect to Wi-Fi or keeps dropping or disconnecting and reconnecting, try these solutions to get it fixed.

It seems like we have got one more issue on the latest iOS. So the problem is with iPhone X’s Wi-Fi like iPhone X disconnects Wi-Fi randomly, or it shows Wi-Fi not available, or iPhone X Wi-Fi auto drops signal and more. After updating the iPhone 12 Pro Max to iOS 15 later, when you realize that your iPhone X is dropping the Wi-Fi signal automatically, I know how awful it is.

It is a very annoying situation when it happens for no reason after updating the iPhone X to the newest iOS. Let’s get to the solution so that you can take benefit of iOS.

Steps for Fix iPhone X Wi-Fi dropping and Disconnecting after update

iPhone X WiFi issues fixed - WiFi Dropping out and Disconnecting

Fix 1: Restart or Reboot iPhone

Turn off or stop network scanning by turning on AirPlane mode (Control center > Find and Tap on Airplane icon).

Whenever we found that iPhone is misbehaving the first thought that comes in our head is to reboot the iPhone. Since the bug iPhone X could not find network “Network Name” can be fixed by restarting it.

  • Step 1: Launch “Settings” and open “General.”
  • Step 2: There scroll down and tap on “Shut Down.”

After a few minutes press the power key to start it.

Fix 2: Reset Network Settings

Have you changed your WiFi Password? Forgot password Settings > WiFi > Tap on (i) icon > Forgot Network. Disable WiFi > Enable WiFi and Tap on WiFi network name and Enter a password.

If you encountered an error like iPhone X unable to join the network, then resetting network settings may be helpful for you. All the bugs related to the system get solved by resetting the network.

  • Step 1: Go to “Settings” and click on “General.”
  • Step 2: There you will find “Reset,” tap on it.
  • Step 3: Next, click on “Reset Network Settings.”

After that, the device will start and then try to connect to Wi-Fi.

Steps to Reset Network Settings on iOS 15 and later Version

  • #1. open Settings App that looks like a gear icon, you can search using spotlight search and App library.
  • #2. Tap General
  • #3. Scroll the screen all the down and tap Transfer or Reset iPhonereset-network-settings-in-ios-and-ipados
  • #4. Now Tap Reset > Hit on Reset Network Settings > Enter your iPhone lock screen passcode > Click Reset Network settings.

Fix 3: Restore to Factory Setting using iTunes

Restoring the iPhone X to the factory settings will fix every bug related to software as we’ve got with iOS, iPhone X Wi-Fi dropping, and much more. But the negative side of this action is it will completely erase all of your data. So you just have to take a backup if you want to save data.

We will restore the iPhone X with the help of iTunes.

  • Step 1: Connect the iPhone to the PC using the lightning cable.
  • Step 2: Launch “iTunes.”
  • Step 3: Select your iPhone and then click on “Summary.”
  • Step 4: On the iTunes screen you will find the Restore button, click on it, and within moments the process will begin.

After the iPhone X gets started, you have to set it up like before.

Fix 4: Update iOS (After Update iPhone Dropping Wi-Fi signal)

Like I said before a lot of people had reported the bugs such as iPhone X says Incorrect Password for “Network Name,” iPhone dropping signals randomly, iPhone X Unable to Join the Network, etc. So it might be possible that this bug arrived with the latest iOS after considering it, they might have released a new update in which this issue is fixed.

  • Step 1: Go to “Settings” and open “General.”
  • Step 2: Next click on “Software Update.”

Fix 5: Restart Router or Network interface (if connected from personal hotspot)

WE’ve tried all the troubleshooting techniques to resolve this Wi-Fi problem on iPhone X. This is also possible that the router is behind this dramatic issue. So you must restart the router and if it does not work then reset the router. And try connecting another device so that you will come to know whether the problem is with your iPhone X or router.

Fix 6: Contact Apple Support

None of the above measures fixes the iPhone X Wi-Fi dropping issues then the last option is to contact Apple Support, they can only help you to solve it.

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