How to Fix iTunes Won’t Detect iPad Pro (2018) and iPad Pro 2023

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020iTunes Won’t Detect iPad Pro is a common problem nowadays. Issues with the iPhone were the major problem in past days, but they can be easily fixable. Likewise, we are going to fix iTunes Won’t Detect iPad Pro in a few steps. While connecting iPad Pro with iTunes, you will need to take some preventive measures to make sure you can successfully transfer files across iTunes and iPad Pro.

If you don’t fulfill any of the below requirements, there are high chances that iTunes won’t detect iPad Pro. All you need to do is read the below instructions carefully if iTunes didn’t connect to the iPad and try to establish a connection between them.

Troubleshooting Fixes for iTunes Won’t Detect iPad Pro (2018) and iPad Pro (2019)

iPad Pro Won't Detect in iTunes on Mac or PC

iPad Pro Won’t Detect in iTunes on Mac or PC

Step #1: Before launching “iTunes,” unlock your iPad Pro and bring the Home screen.

Step #2: Update the iTunes, if you haven’t updated iTunes and iPad Pro in a while. Learn how to Update iTunes and iPad Pro.

Step #3: Besides, you will need to update the MacBook or Windows as well. You can check on Another PC or Mac.

Step #4: To use iTunes, you will need to turn on iPad Pro. (Unlock Your iPad Pro if it is locked. – Face ID, Touch ID or Passcode) Dead iPad won’t detect iTunes or iTunes won’t recognize iPad Pro.

Step #5: After connecting iTunes and iPad Pro, you might receive one message asking you to trust this computer. Tap “Trust” on the iPad Pro screen.

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Step #6: Make sure no other USB device is connected with your PC except for your iPad Pro. Alongside this, try connecting iPad Pro with different USB ports.

Step #7: Try to use different Apple’s lightning cable, if you don’t have extra, then borrow from your friend.

Step #8: Restart the iPad Pro as well as PC and check if iTunes won’t detect iPad Pro is fixed.

Step #9: You can even try to connect iPad Pro with iTunes on other computers or Mac.

Step #10: Still, iTunes won’t detect iPad Pro? Then it’s time to contact Apple Support.

For Windows: iPad or iPhone Won’t Detect on Windows PC or Laptop

iTunes not recognizing iPad, The main reason is USB driver is our dated or not installed/Corrupted due to any reason. First, check it that given in below video tutorial.

I hope you helped in to fix why your iPad Pro is not Detecting or Recognized on iTunes that you are processing for Update iPad Pro or Restore Your iPad Pro.

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