What to if iTunes Won’t Open on your Windows 10/8/7 PC, Also Won’t Launch – Here’s the Fix

Last Updated on Nov 19, 2020

iTunes is used for Backup Date, Restore old Data, Sync Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Books, Audiobooks, Tones and more. Are you deciding to delete or uninstall iTunes completely then re-install again? That might be the wrong decision for us because iTunes remove all the settings, Backup files.

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That can happen because of outdated software, stuck in the cache, running in the background but not showing. A different solution will work for specific error explained here.

Go with the below solution that works for your iTunes issues on Windows PC.

Fixes to consider: iTunes won’t open on PC running on Windows 10/8/7

Apple Asking to update iTunes or Download the latest version of iTunes and install. But it’s time-consuming. Go with the quick fix at first then try.

How to update iTunes, when it’s not opening on Screen

Launch iTunes in Safe Mode

Safe mode will never lose iTunes functionality and Security. This mode is only disabled visual plugins installed on your System.

To launch iTunes in Safe Mode: Control + Shift + Double Click on it.

Wait for 5 to 10 seconds, iTunes will open on your PC.

First Check for Update iTunes

Go to iTunes top Menu.
Next, Click on Help > Check For Update.

2 Update iTUnes on Windows PC

Apply changes successfully quit iTunes and Restart your System. Launch again and try.

Disconnect the Internet and try again to Launch

Disconnect the internet from the system or turn off internet temporary.

Now, Open iTunes.

Once it open, Update the driver installed on the system. Still not help you can contact Apple Support center.

An issue with iTunes Library

iTunes accessible on another account, Create New iTunes Library and Move all iTunes Data from old iTunes Library location.

Create New Library or Switch to another library in use

Close iTunes on Mac or PC if open.

Hold down the Option key and open iTunes.

Now, you will see two option popup, Create Library or Choose Library. More guide on iTunes Library.

Issues with iTunes Music library

Sometimes content file raising the issue about iTunes crashing, Freezing, Not Responding, know and fix the issue.

1: Open iTunes, Go to the iTunes Folder (C:\users\username\My Music or My Music\iTunes).

3 iTunes Library on Windows PC

Go to iTunes Library.itl file, Cut or move this file to Desktop safely.

2: Next, Go to File menu in iTunes.
Next to File > Open Folder to Library

Go to or Browser folder in a popup: C:\users\username\My Music or My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media

Select all Album, Artist, Songs for add to Library.

iTunes will detect all the music after scan successfully.

Check with other issues

Temporarily disable antivirus software, because Antivirus is showing iTunes as harmful software.

Also, update your System and Software that install with this software

Remove third-party iTunes alternatives available in the market.

None of the solutions worked, you should Contact Apple Support center via live chat to book your appointment at the nearest apple store.

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