How make burn folder on OS X EI Capitan: Make CD/ DVD

Make burn folder on OS X EI Capitan And Write CD or DVD

Burn folder on Mac OS X is most important part of Data security and Keep data at one place. Data may be your backup files, Video/ Audio file, Picture file, also easy to move all files from one Mac to another in bulk, Share files act. In that here, I explained whole guide on how we can make burn folder and Burn CD/ DVD by copy in it without third-party software or Application. No more changes Make burn folder on OS X EI Capitan moderately but too much improvement in speed process.

Whole burning process divided in two portions. First, Prepare burn folder and then Start copy to blank CD/ DVD using USB super drive or Other Mac Supported External DVD drive.Make burn folder on OS X EI Capitan And Write CD or DVD

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Make burn folder on OS X EI Capitan, Next Burn CD/DVD disk

Go to the location there you want create burn folder or save burn folder. Otherwise go to the desktop or finder, from top menu and Choose File Option from menu > New Burn Folder. Next type folder name.Burn Folder on Mac OS X

Drag all Folders/ Files in burn folder. (In that Original source files/ Folder not removed or deleted from your System)

Use Burn folder for Burn Empty CD/DVD Directly on Mac OS X, Follow the below step

Step 1: Connect Optical drive to Mac, insert Blank CD/DVD to optical drive. Disk appears on your OS X Desktop screen. Also you have an option to set aliases name point. Follow the on screen options and complete burn process. After burn complete disk will be automatically eject from drive.

Note: In case, if you eject Disk or stop Disk burning process before complete. Your DVD/CD is not use for further burn process.

Burn .dmg file: Go to .dmg file on drive, Press Control + Click on dmg file. Choose Burn disk image file name and start burning process. For the information, you can burn Audio or Video directly from iTunes.

Write re-writable disc (CD/DVD)

Erase all content from CD/DVD, Control + Click on Disk and Choose Erase Rewritable Disc from sidebar finder menu. That’s it, Give use feedback on Google, Facebook or Twitter about how useful to Make burn folder on OS X EI Capitan and Burn on CD/ DVD directly.

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