How to YouTube Live Streaming Video on iPhone, iPad

Let’s live stream your event over the public, private or unlisted mode. Doesn’t where you are on the earth. If you’re connected with the internet amenity then leave rest on us. Unfortunately, Almost overseas family members cannot be attended in his/her family event or special occasions of the life. So don’t worry, today’s technology is much forward, just you must have enough knowledge of that technically device and ideas for how to use it. Means, we come here with an incredible trick that the how to broadcasting YouTube Live Streaming Video on iPhone, Mac and web supported device from any corner of the planet through the help of YouTube’s YouTube Live feature and deserving encoding software.

Why this way better than other methods?

It’s a free iOS 9 app base. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Not required any special device apart from an iPhone or other Smartphone.

Applicable for Windows and Mac OS X.

Pre-required items:  

Mac or Windows PC to create live channel in free of cost.

Setup of Live YouTube.

Encoder device (iPhone, iPad).

Steps to start YouTube Live Streaming Video on iPhone to other devices 

After setup live streaming YouTube, You can start live streaming on YouTube by two ways either  Automatically start with stream or Schedule events.

There are many YouTube live  Verified Device and Software, but if you have an iPhone or iPad then following steps are best for you.

Step 1. Launch App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Download Wirecast Go iOS App.

An app is free but for advanced functions, you have to pay.

Step 3. After successfully installed now launch app and give permission to app to access your iPhone camera, and Microphone.

Now Enter your Gmail address and password to go live.start YouTube Live Streaming Video on iPhone

Step 4. Tap on Allow.

Steps Perform on Mac Or Window

Step 5.  Now launch YouTube live on your laptop or Mac.

Step 6. To Create a new live broadcast,

Click on Live Streaming Stream now Beta

Step 7. Now on screen, enter all details (Title, Add Description, Category) and upload thumbnail.How to YouTube Live Streaming Video on iPhone

Step perform On iPhone, iPad

Step 8. Now refresh Wirecast Go app.

Step 9. Now tap on Red button and hope you would be look there your new created title.broadcasting YouTube Live Streaming Video on iPhone, Mac

Tap on that title and Go live.

You’re done.

You can share you live video URL source on social network like Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and you can tell to other to view your event. In addition, you can also text chat during live video easily and can view how many people’s are watching  you live.

Please share your experience about YouTube Live Streaming Video on iPhone. If you cannot understand any steps then please send in the comment box, we reply soon.