How to Delete & Setup Bedtime Alarm on iPhone, iPad Clock App: Settings for Bedtime Reminder

Bedtime Alarm has been moved to different location on iOS 14, learn how to set up bedtime on iPhone 12 Pro Max,11Pro,XR,XS Max, or any iPhone

In the latest iOS, several new features and delightful improvements for a better experience are added on the iPhone/ iPad. Bedtime in the iPhone clock app is one most useful for users and new for other apps, Health-fitness devices that’s can track, generate very precious reports after count sleep time in day wise. Also, Bedtime improves the battery life of apple watch, Third-party Wearable, a Home device connected to your iOS devices.

Sleep analysis now more accurate, which’s very useful in health app data or other third-party Sleep analysis app to scale line perfect measurements. Let’s see how to use Bedtime in the iPhone Clock app, enable or Disable when not in use.

How to Delete Bedtime in iPhone Clock App & Setup and Turn ON or Turn OFF

How to Delete/Remove Bedtime Alarm On iPhone: Permanently

Still, if you are not satisfied with this solution to delete Bedtime schedule on iPhone, then performing Reset All Settings surely resets the Clock app to default settings. For detail information, read this Note: Reset All Setting will not Erase the Data like Contacts, Message, Media Files, Apps and Files documents from your iPhone.  You will be lost your saved WiFi passwords, Bluetooth devices, Face ID & Passcode, Clock App. that we can set up after that.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap General > Reset.
  3. Lastly, select Reset All Settings > Enter the iPhone passcode to confirm Reset [Screen 2].

    Delete Badtime History from Clock app on iPhone
    Delete Badtime History from Clock app on iPhone
  4. Now Go back and Open Clock app on the iPhone > Badtime tab will not show Disabled Bedtime [Screen 3 in the above picture].
  5. That’s it.

After that, we can Setup again Badtime on the iPhone clock app.

Steps for Setup Bedtime On Clock app on iPhone

Peaceful Free nine tone to wake up easily for heavy sleepers. Also easy to total Bedtime count in hours that’s marked around a clock face in the clock app.

  1. Launch the Clock app on your iOS device.
  2. Select Bedtime option (by default it is already selected).

    Set Up Bedtime on iPhone
    Set Up Bedtime Alarm on iPhone
  3. Tap on Options located at the upper-left corner of the screen.
  4. Set the following settings,
  • Days of Week Active: Here you can make a selection of days on which you would like the Bedtime feature to work.
  • Bedtime Reminder: This setting will remind you to sleep, so if you have chosen 30min, then prior to Bedtime i.e. 30min, the reminder will alert you that after 30min its time to sleep. You can select from None, At bedtime, 15min before, 30min before, 45min before, 1 hour before. It really helps to finish up our work within time and go to bed without losing track.
  • Do Not Disturb During Bedtime: There is nothing new in Do Not Disturb, after enabling this option all the calls, alerts will be silenced when the iPhone’s screen is a lock. Moreover, the notifications will be stored in History and as usual, only emergency alerts will come.
  • Wake-Up Sound: Its just a wake-up alarm sound, choose one.
  • Alarm Volume: Drag the volume slider to set.
  1. After setting up, tap Done.
  2. Make sure the Bedtime Toggle is turned ON.

    Set Up Bedtime on iPhone
    Set Up Bedtime on iPhone
  3. You will see, a Bell Icon(Wake-Up Time) and Moon Icon(Bedtime). Drag both the icons to set the time.
  4. In the middle of the circle, it’ll show you the total hours of your sleep.

How to Turn off/Disable Bedtime Alarm on iPhone, iPad

To take a break from rules and regulations, you can easily turn off the Bedtime alarm on iPhone, iPad. Don’t worry, you will not lose any customized settings of the Clock app, it will only disable Bedtime Alarm on iPad, iPhone until you enable it.

  • Navigate to the Clock app and tap on Bedtime after selecting the Bedtime tab from the bottom and turn off Bedtime Schedule.

    Delete Bedtime Alarm on iPhone
    Turn Off Bedtime Alarm on iPhone

How to Track Your Sleep History on iPhone

With the help of Bedtime feature and Health App, you can check how far did you sleep. However, the health app will not track your sleep when the iPhone is in use even in the Bedtime hours, also keep note that the Bedtime feature only calculates the time that you’ve set as a Bedtime, it doesn’t know how much you’ve slept.

  1. Go to the Health App on your iPhone.
  2. Select Health Data.
  3. Go to Sleep and then tap Sleep Analysis.

    Track your Sleep on iPhone using Health App
    Track your Sleep on iPhone using Health App

How to Change Bedtime Wake-Up Sound/Tone on iPhone, iPad?

Didn’t like the default wake-up tone? You have around 9 available wake-up sounds to choose from.

  1. Open the Clock app.
  2. Tap Options.
  3. Tap Wake-Up Sound.
  4. Select your favorite sound.

    Change Wake-Up Sound of Bedtime Alarm on iPhone
    Change Wake-Up Sound of Bedtime Alarm on iPhone

How to Delete Bedtime Alarm on iPhone, iPad?

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete a Bedtime schedule on iPhone, but you can turn it off. Once the Bedtime alarm is set, it can only be customized and turned off, you cannot delete it. So, here’s how to turn off Bedtime alarm on the iPhone.

  1. Launch the Clock app on your iOS device.
  2. Select the Bedtime tab.
  3. Then tap on Bedtime.
  4. Disable Bedtime Schedule.

    Delete Bedtime Alarm on iPhone
    Delete Bedtime Alarm on iPhone

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