New Bedtime in clock app, Setup, Enable/ Disable: Features, Use

Bedtime in iPhone clock app dashboard

In iOS 10, several new features and delightful improvements for better experience by use of new iOS 10 on iPhone/ iPad. Bedtime in iPhone clock app is one most useful for users and new for other apps, Health-fitness devices that’s can track, generate very precious report after count sleep time in day wise. Also Bedtime improve battery life of apple watch, Third party Wearable, Home device connected to your iOS devices.

Sleep analysis now more accurate, that’s very useful in health app data or other third-party Sleep analysis app to scale line perfect measurements. Let’s see how to use Bedtime in iPhone Clock app, enable or Disable when not in use.

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How to use Bedtime in iPhone clock app, Setup and Turn on or Turn off

Here’s the story for Bedtime option clock available Public iOS 10 beta, might be you will get more improvement in iOS 10 public will be released in September end.

Peaceful Free nine tone to wake up easily for heavy sleepers. Also easy to total Bedtime count in hours that’s marked around clock face in clock app.

Start setup in clock app

Setup Bedtime in iPhone clock app: For the new updated iOS 10, First time need to setup manually as of screen guide show up in screen. Tap on Get Started > Set Wake up (Get alert on Wake time) > Choose Date > Auto Set total Hours Sleep Time > Get Reminder before sleep time > Choose Wakeup ringtone > Save.

Clock app setup in iPhone, iPad with iOS 10

Enable/ Disable Bedtime Alarm

Once you setup, Stop or Turn on Clock alarm, launch Clock App > Bedtime > Enable Bedtime toggle.

Check past bedtime history

Your changes in every day will be saved in Health app under the Sleep Analysis, from health data any third party app use for technically improve health related analysis.

Change Wakeup Ringtone or Sound

Open Clock App > Tap on Bedtime at beneath tab > Options > Wake Up Sound > Wake up tone > Choose Wakeup tone.

Bedtime in iPhone clock app dashboard

More option you can set Wake up sound volume by sliding right to increase sound intensity.

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