Enable/ Disable siri on macos Sierra: MacBook, iMac, Mini

Siri now also available on macos platform after got success in iOS device. Specially, business and professional persons are much exited to use new Siri on MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini installed with OS X Sierra. Same like customize siri options (Enable/ Disable Siri on macos Sierra), here you have many option for Change your siri language, siri voice, Voice Feedback, Input Mic types or change siri wake up shortcuts.

siri is more special for Weather, Brightness, Calendar, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mange Brightness and other settings, On screen activities on your speech, just like sent text message, FaceTime call and much more.

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Steps for Enable/ Disable Siri on macos Sierra: iMac, Macbook, Mac mini

Note: if you bypass or skip siri screen on macos Sierra installation from installation screen, then you can enable/ Turn on from macos system preference.

Siri now improving more in upcoming days, Well you can use it regularly on your Mac system efficiently after once you turn on or Enable.

Steps for Enable/ Disable siri on macos Sierra

Step 1: Go to the Apple menu from top right.

Step 2: Under the menu > click on system preference.

Disable Siri on macos Sierra from Macbook, iMac

Step 3: New separate option siri present there, Click on it.

Siri option in system preference

Step 4: From right pane uncheck Enable Siri option.

Disable siri from Mac system preference

You completely hide all siri icons from Dock and Top menu bar or Shortcut keys call.

Only Hide/ Show siri from Top menu bar: Privacy reason

If you think no one can see siri icon at top menu bar or wake up in easy way, Then Un-check “Show Siri in menu bar”. And Change Shortcut key (Set your own custom keys), by Press Command and hold + Choose your Desired character key from keyboard.

Siri icon hide on Mac menu bar

Remove siri icon from menu bar

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