Fix iOS 16.5 Podcast Temporarily Unavailable iPhone, iPad 2023

19 Podcast Not working on iPhone in iOS 11 and Tips & Tricks

Podcast App not working on iPhone, iPad. Get real fix and Useful latest iOS Podcasts app features on iPhone, Pad. For the Newly redesigned podcast in the latest iOS. Listen from the iPhone podcast app now easy on iPhone with some essential hidden features. Redesigned Podcast User Interface is helpful for the podcast over on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). My Podcast friend shared experiences and issues on the new Podcast after iOS 15.4 update from the old iOS.

Apple made huge changes after a long time, so we gathered the correct guide that was helpful anytime. Come back anytime and find your tips and issues related to solutions in this article. The useful solution for unable to download podcast or Podcast is Temporarily unavailable.

Podcast Not working or unable to download podcast on iPhone or iPad: Fixes to consider

1: Find your Favorite podcast on iPhone, iPad

Use the Search podcast, Browse, Library, and Listen Now option from just below the bottom tab on the podcast app. And Start to enjoy.

2: Podcast Not Playing iPhone after iOS update: iPhone, iPad

Restart or Force Restart iPhone

Press and Hold Below buttons until you see the Apple logo on Screen,

Tip for iPhone XS max, XS, Xr, iPhone X/ iPhone 8 Plus/8 Plus:

  1. Press and Quickly Release Volume Up button, then
  2. Press and Quickly Release Volume Down Button, then
  3. Press and Hold Side Button until you see the Apple logo on Screen.

For iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 plus: Sleep/Wake + Volume Down button simultaneously

For iPhone 6S and Earlier: Sleep/Wake + Home button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

To start iPhone, again press the Side button until the startup apple logo is on the screen.

3: Cannot connect right now podcasts Error

Check for Wi-Fi or Cellular Data issues. That might be happening because of Wi-Fi disconnecting automatically from the iOS device. Check in to Settings app > Wi-Fi & Search Wi-Fi Network & Enable.

Podcasts won’t play the radio or live Streaming

Podcasts Don’t play Episode: or Popup in Episode is temporarily unavailable on iPhone, iPad

Force close podcasts app switcher screen and re-launch podcasts app on iPhone or iPad. You’re Saved and Added in playlist podcasts never remove on re-launch.

4: Subscribe & latest ios Podcast continuous play, Stop auto Download Podcast

Search and Open podcasts on the Podcasts app. Tap on Subscribe Shows for getting new podcasts in notification alerts. Or Add Selected Episode to podcast playlist a playlist for continuously Playing podcast on iPhone and iPad.

4 Subscribe podcast on iPhone

5: Add more Episodes & podcasts Queue in iOS Device

Once we Subscribe to the podcast, Sub-Episode will see on the screen. Tap and hold on the “+” icon near to Episode name and Tap on Play Next to add to the Podcasts list.

5 Add More podcast on iPhone playlist

6: Podcasts App Crashes and Freezes

There are too many reasons for the Podcasts app Crashing and Freezing over time.

  • Check for update iOS (Device Gets updated Version of iOS)
  • Delete and Re-install from App Store. Open App Store and Search “Podcast,” Download and install the app. It will take time to restore old data from an online library (All Saved podcasts in the iCloud library).
  • Close app and Re-launch Podcasts app on iPhone

7: podcast AutoPlay  from iOS podcast playlist, Set Timer for Auto Stop

We can create a playlist by manually adding more to a playlist. Search Podcast by name, Subscribe first and Find a list of podcasts, Tap on hold on “+” select Podcast Play Next, Now All Episodes will sequentially play in queue one by one.

7 Add Episodes in podcast playlist on iPhone

Set timer for auto stop play sound playing on a podcasts app.

Swipe up podcasts player and See the option “Sleep Timer.”

Select Timer for 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes, 15/30/45 minutes or One Hour. That’s it.

8: Podcasts Won’t Play in Sequence, Doesn’t Play Podcasts Continuously

Unfortunately, you haven’t added all podcasts serially or not in sequence. We can re-arrange Episode in the playlist using Drag icon. Slide up player and See all added podcasts. See Image Below,

1 Manage Order by drag Podcasts Playlist in iOS 11

Open Podcast and Tap and hold on more options button (three horizontal dots).

8 Podcast more settings option for play automatically

Inside the popup, Tap on Settings > Select “Play in Sequential Order” under the EPISODES section.

8 1 Tap on Podcast Settings on iPhone

Or Find more in Custom Settings > Episode Order, Delete played Episodes and more.

8 2 Podcasts Settings play Sequential order on iPhone

83 Play Episode in order on iPhone podcasts

9: Mark as a Played missing in iOS Podcasts App

In the latest iOS, the option for Mark As a played Episode was removed. Now you can get all recently played podcasts is in library > Episodes.

Check out, Day and Month wise played podcasts list.

10: Fast Forward and Slow Down Auto Podcasts

See option for fast forward and backward up to 15 seconds. This will be available on the lock screen player and Podcasts app.

9 Fast Forward or Slow down Audio Speed on iPhone podcasts

11: Save Episode, Delete Podcasts from Library

Go to the Settings > Podcasts.

Scroll Down and Find the option for “Download Episodes” and “Delete Played Episodes.”

11 iPhone Podcasts Settings in iOS 11

12: How to Share? Unable to Share Podcast

Go to the podcasts app screen and Open Podcast settings by the tap on three horizontal dot icons.

Find the Share option (Upper Arrow icon with a square box).

12 See Share iPhone podcasts episode on social or mail in iOS 11

13: Podcasts Audio Speed change: Faster or Slower

On Podcasts player, See option for Fast forward up to 1x, 11/2x, 2x, 1/2x. Change it on repetitive tap on it.

13 Change iPhone podcasts Audio speed

14: Stop podcasts play on Cellular Data

Save Data usage that prevents access to Podcasts app while cellular is turned on. So make Cellular Data disabled for a podcast. So forgetfully we never play or use the Podcasts app on iPhone while Mobile data in turned on.

Go to the Setting > Podcasts > Disable Cellular Data toggle.

14 Stop Cellular Data use on iPhone podcasts

15: Enable Download Podcasts on Wi-Fi Only

We can play any Episode Podcast offline like apple music. But want to disable Mobile Data and Wi-Fi only. Keep this option is enabled.

Go to the Settings > Podcasts > Only Download on Wi-Fi.

16: Auto Refresh New Episode

Change Frequency for auto finds new podcast while in use. We can change the frequency for Refresh new podcasts on iPhone.

Go to the Settings > Podcasts > Refresh every > 1 hours/6 Hours/Day/Week or Manually.

17: Stop Download Episodes

Stop any Episode download on iPhone, Go to the Settings > Podcasts > Download Episodes > Off.

17 turn off download podcats on WiFi only on iPhone

18: Disable/ Enable Delete Played Episodes

This option will automatically delete Episodes after 24 hours after they are played.

Go to the Settings > Podcasts > Enable “Delete Played Episodes.”

19: Apple Podcasts App Alternatives for iPhone, iPad

There are many favorite podcasts live streaming and officially from the studio. Thousands of new features and exciting channels are on these Apple podcast App alternatives.

Overcast (Apple Watch Compatible Podcasts app), Podbean, iCatcher, Pocket Casts, Stitcher Radio, Downcast, RSSRadio Podcast, Instacast Core.

20: Podcast or Episode Details and Descriptions

On the podcasts player, open podcasts player and Slide up play to see more settings.

See the Description and Tap on Show.

20 See Podcast Description and Details on iPhone

Delete Episodes from a playlist of iPhone podcasts app.

21: Episode Unavailable, Episode Temporary unavailable, How to Remove podcasts from a playlist?

Close the app and Re-launch the app. Go to Playlist and Slide left on it > Delete.

That’s it.

Final Tips:-

Above all are the Quick tips and Guide for Podcasts on iPhone, iPad running latest iOS.

Apple made massive changes in design and Functionality otherwise it’s genius and comfortable to use always. In that hope, Apple will give more features and be easy to access.

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