How to Remotely logout Facebook, Twitter account from iPhone/ iPad

Last Updated on Aug 25, 2023

Unfortunately or by mistake you leaved your Facebook, Twitter account logged in other’s iPhone though Apps or WebBrowser. Then here is the fix on Remotely logout Facebook and Twitter iOS app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. i found many query from my lovely friends, Who are worried about own social account(FaceBook and Twitter) logging in his/her colleague’s iPhone or iPad. 

Other Wise if you found some embarrass misbehave activity in your Facebook, Twitter account, You can follow the same action remotely for logout all the other session that you can’t logout over the device personally. 

How to Close or Remotely logout faceBook, Twitter Count from iPhone: iOS 8 and other iOS

For FaceBook, and Twitter account remotely logout process quite different for like logout Gmail remotely.

For FaceBook: Logout remotely through Web Browser

Logout FaceBook account in your iPhone, iPad or Other mobile phone apps using Web browser.

login your Facebook account and From the top menu aero icon > Click on Settings.

Now from the right pane > Go to the Security > Where you’re logged in (Edit).

Remotely logout Facebook from iPhone, iPad

You will see the below screen for terminate all live session running on other devices.

Choose End All Activity

On 2nd Way: Remotely logout Facebook on iOS device

Open your FaceBook account and now you have to change your password before change password you will get the notification popup if you want to logout all other device’s Facebook account.

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Choose look me out other devices, and Submit

For Twitter: Logout remotely twitter account on all other device

Like Facebook, Twitter has no option for close all the session running for your login through iOS App or Webs browser, But still you can do this only one way, Change your account password.

Not perfect solution, But you have to accept it, it’s hence that you have no other way for logout twitter remotely that’s running on your iOS device.

Above i listed maximum possibilities for Remotely logout Facebook and Twitter account from devices. share your sound about this solution on below comment box. how much useful in some critical situation? Prevent unauthorised access your social account.

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