How To Mute WhatsApp Group Notifications on iPhone

Mute WhatsApp Group notifications on iPhone quickly & easily. Follow our guide and learn how to disable & turn off Message notifications.

Stop or Turn off WhatsApp Message notifications from iPhone/ iPad or Way to stop WhatsApp messages appearing on the screen when you have a new message for your WhatsApp number. Here I explained alternative ways to disable WhatsApp message notification for your iPhone running on the latest iOS or later version. Usually, when you are not on the WhatsApp app, you will get a notification sound for each message that you will receive to your number. Here are the Pro tips that help in Disabling Notification preview for the Privacy concern, Only Hide the WhatsApp text Message in Notification Preview on the lock screen or Home screen without Turn off Notification on WhatsApp.

More in the WhatsApp customization you can do, Change WhatsApp notification sound, Disable or Stop notifications from Messages, Groups, or WhatsApp calls.

5 ways to disable WhatsApp Group Notifications on iPhone

WhatsApp gives amazing customizations options on mute WhatsApp notifications for Your Groups, Friend conversations. Let’s check one by one and set as of your needs and circumstances.

Tips 1: Disable All WhatsApp Notification or Alert From Setting App

Apple gives the amazing option for shutting down all types of notification alerts for the specific app. These settings were also helpful if you wish that you will get a notification on the iPhone screen but not the Message in Preview while your iPhone is locked or unlocked. For WhatsApp,

  1. Go to the Settings app on the iPhone. Tap on Notifications.
Notifications settings on iPhone for WhatsApp app
  • Next Scroll to WhatsApp > Disable Allow Notifications. This WhatsApp notification restriction auto stops all Alert when you are in lock screen or unlocked screen.
  • Turn off WhatsApp Notifications Toggle from iPhone settings
  • That’s it. Next, we can use other settings if you wish to Get and Show WhatsApp Notification but won’t see the Message text on WhatsApp Notification from a lock or Home screen.
  • Tips 2: Only Hide Message From WhatsApp Notification Preview But Don’t Turn Off

    Follow the steps below for hiding WhatsApp notification Messages from the preview on the iPhone lock screen and home screen.

    1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. > Scroll to Notifications.
    Notifications settings on iPhone for WhatsApp app
    Notifications settings on iPhone for the WhatsApp app
  • Next, Scroll to WhatsApp and Turn on WhatsApp Notification toggle, Now, Scroll to Preview Settings and Select Naver.
  • Hide WhatsApp Message Preview in Notification on iPhone
    Hide WhatsApp Message Preview in Notification on iPhone
  • That’s it. Now your WhatApp Notification will appear like in below image on lock screen.
  • WhatsApp Notification Preview is Hide on iPhone lock and Home screen

    Tips 3: Disable All Group Notification Only on WhatsApp iPhone App

    1. Launch WhatsApp on iPhone/ iPad. Tap on Settings from the bottom tab. Disable the below option as of your wish.
    Turn off WhatsApp Group Notification on iPhone
    Turn off WhatsApp Group Notification on iPhone
  • Message notification, incoming all messages from recipients only. Here we can turn off Toggle for All Groups Notifications.
  • Group Notification, Only for Message coming to your added groups
    • WhatsApp Calling, Missed calls
    • There you can set different sound depends on types of messages you receive on WhatsApp.
  • Tips 4: Turn Off  WhatsApp Group Notification for Selected Friends or Group

    1. Open WhatsApp, Tap on Chats > Tap on Friends or Group Name.
    Find WhatsApp Group from Chats screen on iPhone
  • Scroll your Group info/Your Recipients > Go to Profile > Mute > Set Time for Mute.
  • Mute Notifications Settings for WhatsApp Group info
  • Choose the Time limit for that you want to disable/ Mute Whatsapp notification from that.
  • That’s it.
  • Above all are all possible ways to turn off WhatsApp Message notifications in alternate routes.

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