Stop or Turn off WhatsApp Message notification

Turn off WhatsApp Message notification Group/ Chat for iPhone

Stop or Turn off WhatsApp Message notification from iPhone/ iPad or Way to stop WhatsApp message appearing on the screen when you have a new message for your WhatsApp account. Here I explained alternative ways to disable WhatsApp message notification for your iPhone running on latest iOS or later version. Usually when you are not on WhatsApp app, then you will get notification sound for each message that you will receive to your number.

More in the WhatsApp customization you can do, Change WhatsApp notification sound, Disable or Stop notification from Message, Group or WhatsApp calling.

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Turn off WhatsApp Message notification for All Group/ Chat on iPhone/ iPad

WhatsApp gave amazing customizations options on mute WhatsApp notification. Let’s check one by one and set as of your needs and circumstances.

Disable All Types of notification or alert from Setting app

Apple gives the amazing option for shut down all types of notification alert for the specific app. For WhatsApp, Go to the Settings > Notifications > WhatsApp > Disable Allow Notifications. This WhatsApp notification restriction auto stops all Alert when you are in lock screen or unlocked screen.Turn off WhatsApp Message notification on iPhone/ iPad

Manage notification on WhatsApp app settings

Launch WhatsApp on iPhone/ iPad. Tap on Settings from the bottom tab. Disable below option as of your wish.

Message notification, incoming all message from recipients only.

Group Notification, Only for Message coming to your added groups

WhatsApp Calling, Missed callsMute or Disable Notification on iOS device

There you can set different sound depends on types of message you receive on WhatsApp.

Stop WhatsApp notification for selected Friends or Group

Mute Notification for group or individual recepintsOpen WhatsApp, Tap on Chats > Tap on Name of your Recipients > Go to Profile > Mute. Choose Time limit for that you want to disable/ Mute Whatsapp notification from that.

Video to getting Cool WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Above all are the all possible ways to turn off WhatsApp Message notification in alternate routes.

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