How to turn on Accessibility Shortcut on Apple TV 4

In this article walkthrough, you can learn everything about built-in assistive touch technology features like turn on Accessibility Shortcut on Apple TV 4 called Accessibility. The magic way to starts or off Voiceover, Closed captions, Zoom in a short cut way. We all are using accessibility in iOS device like iPhone, iPad, iPod. Even now, it is also available on Apple TV running with tvOS. The features for who are living with low Vision, those folks who have a hearing problem.

Generally, to turn on voice over, Voiceover, Closed captions, Zoom on your Apple TV. You often need go at accessibility settings screen via below steps.

  • Settings > General > Accessibility

But, Are you exploring a way to get accessibility shortcut on Apple TV 4?  We give you a short cut way to turn on and turn off your preferred accessibility features by triple click the Menu button.

Steps to Turn on Accessibility shortcut on Apple TV

Step 1. Go to Settingssetting app of apple tv 4th generation

Step 2. Choose General

Step 3. Select Accessibility

Step 4. If you have small screen TV then Scroll your TV screen through Siri remote touch surface until you see Accessibility Shortcut  turn on Accessibility Shortcut on Apple TV 4

Step 5. Select Accessibility Shortcut to make turn on.

Step 6. Here you can see VoiceOver, Zoom, Closed captions and Audio Descriptions. So select accessibility what you want to access via shortcut button.access Voiceover, Closed captions, Zoom on a triple press menu button

So after turn on Accessibility Shortcut, you can access above described feature by triple click menu button of Siri remote control. You can see at below screen of it. triple press menu button

You can also get,

Turn off/disable Accessibility Shortcut on Apple TV easily

  • Settings > General > Accessibility > make turn off Accessibility shortcut.

Let’s share your experience and know us how’s seems this Accessibility Shortcut on Apple TV feature. We will update you many other latest features and tips and tricks of Apple TV, so please stay connected with us.


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