Where is Accessibility Settings on iPhone, iPad in iOS 17?

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Turn on the Accessibility shortcut on your iPhone or iPad. Access almost Accessibility features from Apple iPhone or Apple iPad home button or Side button/Home button [Tripple click Button]. But some changes are in Zoom, Magnifier, Change Display &Text Size, Motion, Spoken Content, Audio Descriptions, Inside the Touch Option Find out the Setup for Assistive Touch, Reachability, 3D Touch, Touch Accommodations, Tap to Wake Shake to Undo, Vibration, Call Audio Routing, Face ID and Attention, Switch Control, Voice Control, Side Button, Apple TV remote, Keyboards, Guided Access, Siri, Accessibility Shortcut. So all the Settings are changed now in iOS, iPadOS and that’s why This is Arduous to find Accessibility setting for the latest iOS Users.

Accessibility functions on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that you can easily access using the triple-click home button on iPhone, but for that, you’ve to do enable/ Turn On accessibility shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad. Get tips on how to adjust the triple-click home button shortcut of accessibility or, turn on the accessibility shortcut on the iPhone from the below.

The virtual Home button is great Amenities for Apple iOS devices, Once we activate the Assistive touch [On-Screen Home Button] toggle under the Accessibility settings. we can use it on the Home button iPhone, iPad, and also on No Home button iPhone & iPad as well.

Where are Accessibility Settings in iOS and iPadOS?

Accessibility setting missing or left! is it true?

No, it’s Moved from General to Settings.

Apple is making Perpetual changes in settings since iOS 8, This time Apple updated ScreenTime to more conveniently and securely with Conditional Call Forwarding.

This time Apple made some modifications in the settings app so it’s getting trouble to find some Accessibility settings and some of the settings like Keyboard, Display, Text Size, Auto-Brightness are moved under the Accessibility.

iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 User look in to the Settings app > Accessibility.
iOS 12 & Earlier iOS users look into the Settings App > General > Accessibility.

How we can use the All Accessibility Feature on iPhone and iPad?

Voice Over: VoiceOver will guide you on what happens on the Device with voice. Also, Easily navigate on your Device screen and Supported apps like the Message app. Also, you can control other Apple devices like Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV.

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Zoom: Most people believe this feature is inimical, Becuase people are forgetting what to do after the screen showing a bigger and bigger lock screen and all. This Feature Enlarges your iPhone, iPad screen. Once we enable Zoom, we can activate any screen using Double Tap Three Finger on Screen and Deactivate using the same. Your iOS device might be locked or unlocked.

Display & Text Size: The first option is Bold Text for making all the text on-screen bold that’s easy to read after that. Larger Text, Make text six times larger than the default. Other settings for Buttons are also where we can make changes in Button appearance. Smart invert and Classic invert are also great options. And the most important is the Auto-Brightness settings.

Motion: Here are the settings for Reduce motion on iPhone and iPad screen for the Close app or Preview the app’s icon. More options under the motion: Auto-Play Message Effects is exquisite options iMessage Bubble and Balloon effects when open iMessage and Auto-Play Video Previews, This Option allow to app store play video automatically when you interact on the app page.

Touch: New Touch section associations the all-touch settings like AssistiveTouch, Reachability, 3D Touch, Touch Accommodations, Tap to Wake, Shake to Undo.Vibration and Call Audio Routing.

Point Your Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse on iOS and iPadOS

Assistive touch is not a just Virtual button, Now we can do more and use it as a cursor of a paired mouse. Before Starting, I clarify that third-party Bluetooth keyboard and Mouse is supporting iOS and iPadOS. To Setup or Connect Bluetooth Mouse Go to the Settings of your iOS device. Also, Be prepared with enough charge on a mouse.

  • 1. Go to the Settings app on iPhone, iPad.
  • 2. Scroll to Accessibility.
  • 3. In the Accessibility settings, Find the New option “Touch“.
  • 4. Now the First option is Assistive Touch. Tap on it. and Scroll to the Pointing device. Here you can find and pair with Bluetooth devices names. Wait for scanning time, Tap on the Device name and pair it easily.
  • Keep Bluetooth Accessories near as possible.
  • Turn on Bluetooth under the settings
  • Are you stuck on Searching… loading or Spinning wheel? Restart your Bluetooth Mouse or Keyboard. also check that ut’s paired already with another device.

Bluetooth Mouse and Bluetooth keyboard first-time setup process are quite intricate. Once you setup it’s easy to repair and start quickly after unlocking the device. here you can also pair a bluetooth trackpad as a mouse.

Once Bluetooth mouse or Keyboard is connected with an iOS or iPadOS device, a Message will appear on the screen like that: Press one of your mouse’s buttons to your first action.

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Now Choose Button 1’s action, You can assign more 2 or more actions for one mouse button. Select the Single Tap option. Now, You can assign the Second Action for Another mouse button.

Customize Mouse Pointer Size and Color: Change Curson Appearance

Go to the Settings app > Accessibility > Touch > Assistive Touch > Cursor > Here’s Large color toggles and Color tab.

Also, Find the Quick Preview of Cursor appearance that will show on iOS and iPadOS Screen.

Accessibility settings for Call Audio Routing, Auto Answer call

Call Audio Routing For Phone call or FaceTime Audio: Quickly divert your talk on the chosen call routing device. The automatic option will divert all calls to headphones if it’s connected otherwise it will be on an iPhone speaker. Other Two option is Fixed, you will talk only on Bluetooth headphone or Speaker if it’s selected here.

Auto-Answer Call: The Duration of time to wait until the call is Auto-Answered.

Vibration, Tap to Wake, and Shake to Undo Mange under the Accessibility

All Vibrations are completely off on iPhone and iPad, This option will completely turn off/Turn on Vibration for incoming

Enable Tap to Wake screen on iOS and iPadOS, Quickly Wakeup your Screen on touch finger on iPhone, iPad screen. At a Glance, Watch Recent notifications, Date & Time, Battery Status.

Shake to Undo: Now Your iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 support Three Finger Gestures to Copy and past content between apps or in the same app.

Face ID & Attention: Uphold Face ID functionality

This setting will improve Scanning accuracy for unlocking your iPhone, iPad using Face ID and Verify Face ID on App Download or Purchase, Apple Pay Verify, Supported Third-Party App lock. If we feel my Face ID not working properly you should enable these options,

Go to the Settings app > Accessibility > Face ID & Attention.

Magnify Voice Access with Voice Control after Siri

Voice control is an alternative to the Siri command, You can do anything with Voice control when Siri is not activated or turned off under the settings.

Go to the Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control > Enable Voice Control Toggle. The next settings are Choose yours preferred Language that is easy to speak. Also, Create New command or Customize it for you. Next is Add Vocabulary, More settings are there.

People keep Voice control access on the Side button. Set Voice control for the Side button. and Get a Response when you press and hold the side button or Connected Bluetooth device button. The next point is Side button settings. Follow it.

Customize Side Button Control

Side Button customization on iPhone and iPad Commence with the Speed control, How fast you press the side button to Authorize App Store app and Wake up Apple Pay.

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Go to the Settings app > Accessibility > Side Button. First Section is Click speed, I recommend setting it Default.

The next Section is for Press and holds to speak,

Directly access Siri and Voice control using the Side button even your iPhone/iPad is locked or unlocked. Press and Hold on the side button of the iOS device to wake up Either Siri or Voice control that you set over here.

These settings also carry bluetooth headphones, Use the button on Headphone to wake up Sir or Voice control in place of the side button. Airpods users can learn important taps to control the paired phone.

Remove Double click the Side button to make Purchases, Enable Use passcode for Payments. After that Apple Device will ask you to enter a passcode instead of double-tap the side button to download the app from the app store.

How it will work with a Bluetooth keyboard and Mouse? Key Guide

New iOS 15 and iPadOS support Bluetooth keyboard,

Connect External Bluetooth keyboard with the iOS device and use a preset command to move Next item, the Previous item, Activate, Enter or exit container, Go to the home screen, App Switcher, Control center, Notification center Keyboard Shortcuts.

Go to the Settings app > Accessibility > Keyboard > Full Keyboard Access > Enable Toggle. Also, You can change the default command, Just tap on it and Record your Own command from keyboard keys.

Enable/Disable Auto-Hide Focus Ring for Keyboard

Enable Auto Hide Focus ring after your time limit. Enter the digit in seconds. and Go back to save the changes.

Another Keyboard Settings are Key Repeat, Sticky Keys, Slow Keys, and Show Lowercase keys. Lowercase keys affect keyboards that use the shift key to switch between uppercase and lowercase letters.

Important Audio Settings for Call & Speakers in iOS 15 & iPadOS

  • Your Apple Device sound conflicting between Left and right speaker. Enable mono Audio toggle.
  • Enable Noise cancellation clear sound quality on a phone call or FaceTime audio when we are holding the receiver to your ear.

Audio Balance is now moved under the Accessibility’s Sections Audio/Visual. Adjust the audio volume balance between left and right channels. This Audio balance also affects any connected Bluetooth headphones, speakers, or Airpods.

Enable/Disable LED Flash For Alerts

For all incoming Calls, notification enables Back Led Notification. Go to the Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Enable toggle LED Flash for Alerts. Now Each Incoming Notification flashing the back LED. So it’s easy to alert you in the night, Party Function or inside Pocket and Bag.

Vision Section – which involves VoiceOver, Grayscale, invert colors, and more.

Hearing Section Mono audio, LED Flash for Alerts and Hearing Aids

Interaction Section – Switch control, Reachability is new for iPhone 6 and 6+ only.

An alternate way to turn on Accessibility shortcut features using iTunes. Let’s check here how to manage or turn on the Accessibility shortcuts using iTunes.

Disable or Turn off Accessibility shortcut on iPhone, iPad

Go on, Settings app >> Accessibility >> Turn Accessibility Shortcut Off     

Write to us in the comment box, how much help you all with new changes and upgrade options under the Accessibility settings in iOS 15 and iPadOS. As well as stay connected daily with us!!

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