How to Uninstall Forticlient mac Totally with Error locked or Running

Mac won’t uninstall the app that’s in use or Open in Backgroud that might be run while not in use like Add on as Shortcut menu on Top menu bar. At that time you might get the error on uninstall app from Finder’s applications folder. “The item “” can’t be moved to the Bin because it’s open.” in macOS Monterey [M1 Apple Silicon or intel Macs]

Make sure your Forticlient app is updated to the latest version.

Uninstall Forticlient mac Complately: Stop & Remove

So Before trying to remove or uninstall the app, you have to stop all ForceClient processes from your MacOS system using Activity monitor.

1→ Open Activity Monitor on Mac. Use Spotlight search [Command + Space] and Type Activity Monitor to open it.


2→ Next, Search FortiClient in the search box, and see the running process. Select it > Click on the Cross button to Force quit it.


3→ That’s it.

Now, Force Quit FortiClient App using Activity Monitor. Try to run Uninstaller available on the Finder Applications folder. To do that Run from the applications folder in finder Mac.

1→ Open Finder on Mac. Open Applications folder or From top menu Go > Applications.

2→ Find and run.


3→ Follow the uninstaller set up, Click on Uninstall and Successfully remove the FortiClient app from Mac.


4→ Enter your Mac administrator password to verify.


5→ That’s it.


The operation can’t be completed because the item “forticlient” is locked.

your Mac cannot uninstall forticlient mac because the error message says “uninstall forticlient mac locked”. try the below steps to Remove or uninstall forticlient from Mac.

1→ Open finder on Mac. Go to the Application folder.

2→ Click on and follow the on screen setup to remove All settings and Folders from your Mac.


How to shutdown forticlient mac

Do you need to shutdown forticlient mac because the message says forticlient is running please shutdown forticlient mac? Without uninstall or Remove forticlient from Mac, Stop all the forticlient services using the steps below,

1→ On your Top Mac menu, Right click on forticlient shortcut icon.

2→ Click on Shutdown forticlient. and Sign out Forticlient from your Mac.


3→ That’s it.

Above all are the alternate methods and tricks to Uninstall Forticlient mac completely on Getting error “The operation can’t be completed because the item “” is locked.” and “The item “” can’t be moved to the Bin because it’s open.”

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