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How to Reset Your Bumble Account in [June 2020]

Let’s see how do you reset your bumble account? Not getting the expected response in your Bumble account? Looking to start over with the new account or want to reset Bumble account on iPhone, Android? This short tutorial will explain the entire process to reset and delete Bumble Account on iPhone as well as Android.

How to Share Your YouTube Channel on iOS, Android, PC, Mac

If you want to share your YouTube Channel with someone then continue to read the article. Sharing YouTube channel is very easy, all you need is a working internet connection whether it is iPhone, Android, Windows or Mac. The YouTube channel is the ultimate platform that lets you express yourself in front of the entire

4 Fixes Tinder Won’t Show up in My Notifications on iPhone

Fix Tinder Won’t Show up in My Notifications iPhone iPad

Tinder not showing in notifications on iPhone, isn’t this a heartbreaking situation? A dating app like Tinder is rare to find, hundreds of thousands of people nowadays using the Tinder app to find their match around the world. What if Tinder stops sending notifications on iPhone or the iPhone notifications not working, you won’t receive

When will Apple Stop Supporting iPhone 8?

In this article, I’ll share my thoughts on how long will iPhone 8 be supported and should you buy iPhone 8 in 2020? At first, I’d like to remind you that Apple announced the iPhone 8 in September 2017 alongside the major iOS 11 update, which is roughly two years. And with the release of

Best Apps to Quit Smoking for iPhone and Android 2020

best quit smoking Apps for iPhone and Android

First off, we appreciate your decision to stop smoking and stay healthy. There are multiple options available in the market to stop smoking and one of them is Quit Smoking apps. Other alternatives could cost you more compared to these apps. Quitting cigarette isn’t that easy, but it’s great that you have made your mind