What is Haptic Touch in iPhone XR? Answer is Here! 3D Touch Missing or Dismiss

Haptic Touch on iPhone XR (1)

Probably this is a hidden change made by Apple in iPhone XR. iPhone XR contains Haptic touch instead of 3D touch that is provided in iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. Haptic touch is quite an improvised addition in iPhone Xr that user will like it.

When you press and hold on any app, you will feel a little vibrating feedback by the iPhone that the app is responding and so it is called as Haptic touch.

So here a considerable question arises whether the users will prefer Haptic touch or 3D touch? The results will be interesting to know.

Let me tell you the difference between both 3D touch and Haptic touch; the Haptic touch will only respond when the screen in the press and hold for a while and not when the screen is pushed harder of iPhone. I guess the explanation is a bit understandable for you.

If you have Apple Watch, then you should know that you can customize the Haptic feedback on two levels. Let’s see how to set Haptic feedback in Apple Watch.

Haptic Touch on iPhone XR (1)

Steps to Enable or Disable Haptic Touch in iPhone XR

Step #1: Go to “Settings”.

Step #2: Open “General” and then tap “Sounds & Haptic”.

Step #3: Tap on “Haptic Strength”, and there you can change the intensity of Haptic feedback.

Hopefully, in coming days you can too customize the Haptic intensity in your iPhone XR and enjoy the newest Haptic touch.

Since the Haptic touch engine is improved with the iPhone X and so many users are enjoying Haptic touch in iPhone X and so they will also going to like in iPhone Xr.

Assumptions are made by the experts that we will see Haptic touch technology in iPad real soon. 

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