How to Set up Parental Controls YouTube Kids on iPhone, iPad App: Set Passcode, Timer, Change Age Level

Set Passcode, Timer, Change Age Level and manage all the YouTube Kids App settings on any iPhone or iPad from this article.

See here how to how to put parental control on youtube Kids iOS. YouTube now ready to give a tremendous gift for all parents who are always worried about managing your kid’s behavior with existing iOS device (iPhone/ iPad). Here I cover all the points that are very useful after installing an app on iPhone or iPad or anytime by change you forgot some settings like Change passcode, Auto lock YouTube kids app time interval, Change kids age or Block any YouTube Chanel or Video for all the time.   

Kids youtube videos auto filter by divided into five primary categories are Shows, Music, Learning, Gaming and Explore.

0 YouTube kids iPhone and iPad app

Recently YouTube rolled out YouTube Kids app now supporting and available for Smart TVs and More countries.

We must know and Parental control for use YouTube Kids iPhone/ iPad

YouTube Kid for iOS available on App store. And all international users [Check the full country list on App description] can Download & install an app on iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch for Kids.

Let’s see the all settings for kid-friendly youtube

For the privacy reasons, your kid doesn’t go directly to settings and make changes. Enter text to digit passcode for accessing all app settings.

Unlock Settings section

1. Open YouTube kids app on iPhone/ iPad.

2. Are you parent? Add your exact age and Follow the on-screen instructions. Choose an option for Enable/ Disable search on or Off, Verify Parent Email from Mail verification code.

1 Setup on iOS device

3. Tap on lock icon at corner, Enter Test or Digit password.

3 Access settings on iPhone Kids youtube iOS app

4. Next screen you will see Timer, Settings, and Feedback.

4 Settings inside YouTube Kids app

YouTube Kid app Timer: Auto lock app for the specific time interval in minutes.

After Timer schedule, Your Screen will see “Times up” screen like that,

Unlock Times Up Screen

6 Reset times up on youTube kids

Tap on corner lock icon in Times up the screen. Enter digits and reset again Times up duration.

5 Set timer for auto lock app

Change Home screen age level for all kids

There are three main categories: All Kids, Preschool & School Age.

According to your kid’s age, the app home screen auto navigate to these videos on that other kids are interested in watching.

Set new passcode, Change or Delete passcode

Under the app settings, Scroll down and find “Grown-up verifications,“ Set custom passcode. Enter four digit passcode then re-enter.

7 Set or Change passcode in YouTube kids app

Every time you need to use this passcode for change settings.

8 Re enter 4 digit passcode

In the same place, you can Delete passcode, Change Passcode.

9 Manage Passcode in YouTube kids iOS app

Block and Unblock Video and YouTube Channel

More control over Video specific and Channel, Tap on the horizontal settings icon and Find Block.

6 Block YouTube video in app

Unlock All videos on TY Kids app

Go to App settings, under the privacy > Unblock Videos.

That’s it.

Hope that you and your kinds much like YouTube Kids iPhone / iPad/ iPod Touch app and also share with others on the Social page, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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