Fixed – Is Your Apple Watch can’t connect Bluetooth Accessories?

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Does your Bluetooth Accessory won’t Pair to Apple Watch? Get here covered post to resolve Apple Watch can’t connect Bluetooth Accessory. let's check out.

Generally, more in demand Apple AirPods and Apple Watch bluetooth Headphone are close Apple Watch Bluetooth accessories. Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch 1st Gen both are shipping with built-in Bluetooth 4.0 version and has ranged around 30 to 50 feet. Thus, Apple Watch can do many pretty cool things, among all one of is very easy to connect a wireless Bluetooth headset to listen to music on the go.


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For that, you have to do pairing bluetooth device to Apple Watch. At a glance, it is straightforward to connect, but sometimes due to inappropriate settings or after a software update, Apple Watch can’t connect Bluetooth headphone or other accessories.

Even I also found such issue and my Apple Watch didn’t discover My Apple Airpods when I’m trying to connect. I followed bottom given Clues to fix and got success.

Occasionally, people go on Apple authorized store or contact Bluetooth Accessories maker and report the problems. But before going to any other ways. We recommend you specific troubleshooting to fix Apple Watch Bluetooth connection unsuccessful/ failed.

Get rid of your Apple Watch don’t connect Bluetooth Accessories

Solution #1. Clear Your Apple Watch Airplane mode Turned Off

Apple Watch series 2 Airplane mode turn on turn off

Airplane mode prevents to use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on Apple Watch. So guys, whenever you are getting bluetooth grayed out/ not appear or won’t connect headphone to Apple Watch. Then please confirm you turned Off Airplane mode on Apple Watch. In short, must not be orange color Airplane icon on the Apple watch iWatch face. [On your Apple Watch – Tap on Settings → Airplane Mode → Disable it.]

Solution #2. Bluetooth device must be charged and in turned on Mode 

Do you confirm that your Bluetooth accessories battery is fully charged and turned ON the situation?  Because, while your Apple Watch is discovering/ Spinning wheel to find the device at that time Accessories not found. Hence, you should clear Bluetooth device has enough Power juice. Some best examples are Apple AirPods, Bluetooth headphone, and Bluetooth health devices.

Even above both solutions perfect in your matter. Nevertheless, your iWatch not discovering Bluetooth then go down and keep continue.

Apple Watch can’t connect Bluetooth Accessories

Solution #3. Accessories Appear but won’t connect to Apple Watch

Just your Apple Watch found Bluetooth Accessories under the Bluetooth settings glance, but it couldn’t pair.  Please Un-pair (follow the process to forget device) it from Apple Watch and reconnect the wireless device to Apple Watch back.

In a rare case, if you need more assistance to pair your Bluetooth headphone, AirPods or any other compatibles Bluetooth accessories with your Apple iWatch, read instructions manual comes with the device, or you also can contact the manufacturer.

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Hey guys, what way is your success to fix Apple Watch won’t connect wireless bluetooth headphone or other devices?

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