6 Best Wireless CarPlay Adapters In 2024


In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven era, staying connected has become an essential aspect of our daily lives. With car manufacturers integrating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into their newer models, the need for a wireless connection between your smartphone and your car’s infotainment system has become crucial. That’s where wireless carplay adapters come in, offering … Read more

Apple Vision Pro – Is it worth $3499?


In the constantly evolving world of technology, Apple has once again pushed the boundaries by introducing the Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s first mixed-reality headset. These cutting-edge VR devices intend to change how we experience virtual and augmented reality. Priced at $3499, evaluating whether the Vision Pro lives up to its promises is essential.  The Power … Read more

Apple Vision Pro Vs Meta Oculus Quest 2

VR headsets are game-changers in the world of technology. Apple recently announced a groundbreaking technology known as Apple Vision Pro at WWDC-2023. This Apple Vision Pro is a standalone headset that enhances the user’s visual experience. While the Meta Oculus Quest 2 is a VR headset developed by Reality Labs, it arrived in 2020. It also offers an excellent VR … Read more

Trackpad VS Touchpad, Which is Better? (2024)

Trackpad VS Touchpad, Which is Better

Apple started to release MacBook with Touchpad in 1994. This Touchpad is useful for cursor or pointer control. It comes built-in with Laptop below the MacBook keyboard. After sixteen years, Apple released a new External Magic Trackpad in 2010. It is a wireless, long-lasting pointing device 80% larger than MacBook Trackpad. This Magic Trackpad is an external device accessory for Mac desktops or pcs. It … Read more

History Of Apple Magic Mouse That You Must Know In 2024

History of Apple Magic Mouse

Apple released its first wireless Magic Mouse in 2009 to introduce multi-touch functionality and more. The Foxconn manufacturing company designed it. The multi-touch surface allows users to perform gestures such as scrolling and swiping. After six years of releasing Magic Mouse 1, the Second generation of Magic Mouse was in 2015. It was much different from the original Magic … Read more

Nektony MacCleaner Pro Review (2024)

Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller for Mac Review

In the fast-paced, moving digital landscape, maintaining a clutter-free and optimized Mac system is crucial for smooth performance. Removing junk files manually can be time-consuming, and even after you do it by yourself, there are still file chunks and traces left that you never know. Fortunately, there are amazing apps like Nektony MacCleaner Pro that … Read more