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How to Use Apple Pencil’s New Scribble Feature on iPadOS 14

We can say, Scribble is decade’s most awaited and best feature that iPad users were looking for, but now Apple has made available the Apple Pencil’s Scribble feature on iPadOS 14 supported devices. The Scribble can convert any roughly hand-written text into proper text that we used to type using the keyboard. It can be

Apple Pay Requires an Update on this iPhone, How to Fix

Apple Pay is all in one solution to purchase essentials at retail stores, and other items, keeping up the security of its users. Its way better than choosing any local credit card or gift card quickly operates anywhere whether you want to make online purchases or offline. However, if your iPhone showing Apple Pay requires

How to Install SNES Emulator on iPhone or iPad Running iOS 13

I’m dedicating this article especially for the 90s people who loved to play games like Super Mario, but unfortunately, the new generation battle games have taken over the world with advanced technology, discriminating against the retro games. On another note, we don’t understand, why Apple isn’t adding Emulator apps to the App Store, to bring