[New] How to Add, Delete, Block Skype contact on iPhone, iPad, Mac

This tutorial is handy for all the Skype users time to time, Because without add people, Friends, Family you never use Skype (Audio/ Video call), individual chat, Group Discussion, and conference. Sometimes we need to remove/Delete ideal or unused Skype contacts for easy to find from the long list. Existing created list for particular Skype account we can manage from any app platforms like Mac, iPhone, iPad or other – For that we need Skype Username and password that we want to accomplish.

Search terms we should use to find Skype contacts are Username, First name or Last name or phone number.

Everything we must know: Manage Skype contact on iPhone, iPad, Mac

For Mac Users

Add new contacts in Skype Mac: Add in a Contact list

Download Skype for Mac, Available at here. And install.

Go to Skype Menu at the top menu bar, Contacts > Add Contacts. Search the contact with People’s full name, Email, Phone number or Skype username.

1 Add new contacts in Skype on Mac

Once you find a relevant name from the suggestion, you can send an invitation message to start a chat or add in your Friend list.

2 search new contact and add in skype list

Once your request accepts at the other end, you can make able to send text, Audio or Video call.

3 Search new contact with name and add in list

Delete Skype contact on Mac

Added all friends you can see with current status (Live or Offline) in a single screen. Open Skype for Mac > Click on Contacts from the side panel.

Right click on the Skype profile, Select last options (Delete contacts).

4 Delete or Block Skype contacts on Mac

Contact will remove and disappeared all the time, to add it again repeat the step first.

Skype iOS Users iPhone, iPad

Add new people in Skype iOS app

Open Skype iOS app on iPhone or iPad.

Tap on Contacts tab inside bottom on the app screen.

Find people with Full Name, Email, Phone number or Skype Username.

5 Add new skype contact on iPhone and iPad

Tap on the result for start Message/ Chat or Call.

Delete People from Skype contact list on iPhone, iPad

Go to the Contact tab, Tap on Edit from the top right corner of the screen.

Select that friends that you want to remove, And Tap on Delete from bottom right corner.

7 Delete Skype contact on iPhne and iPad app

How to Block Skype contact? Ae you tired?

Don’t want delete but keep in a playlist, Block Friends in Skype is an intermediate solution.

Mac: Contacts > Block “Skype Name” [See above image for Delete contact]

iPhone: Tap on Contact > Again Tap on Skype Profile Name > View Profile > Block Contact

New Search New contact on Skype and Add in a Contact list

Delete Skype contact from Mac, iPhone, iPad

What is Skype Bot? How to use?

Skype bot is a fun way to talk with it, it’s not a real person, but you can get an excellent response to your question and problems.

We can add Skype bot in Group or Start private chat. In the Skype community, there are thousands of verified Skype bot, connected with millions of Skype users.

6 Skype Bot on iPhone and iPad

Skype Contacts not showing up on Mac

Verify your Skype account, Sign out and Sign in Skype account. Top Menu, File > Sign Out.

This tips helpful for mostly all iOS (iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6/ 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, X) and Mac Devices (Yosemite, EI Capitan, MacOS Sierra and later update)

Don’t forget Skype is best iMessage alternatives for Mac and iOS in our list.

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