2023’s Best iMessage Alternatives for Mac and iOS

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Beware of any fake or None-secure messaging app, only use The best iMessage alternatives for Mac and iPhone available to use in free and premium support. Some users are switching to another messaging app because of not able to activate iMessage, Showing Waiting for Activation Error; Carrier doesn’t help or Carrier charged more per text.

Apple officially doesn’t release iMessage app or Software for other technology platforms like Android, iMessage for Windows PC or Laptop.

Reviews all the iMessage alternative and use after perfect needs about Text messaging, Audio/ Video call that Apple gives in FaceTime app.

Top Best iMessage alternatives for Mac and iOS

iMessage Alternatives for Mac and iOS app

1. Skype is #1 iMessage alternatives

iMessage alternatives for Mac

Skype ( iOS | Mac) is a free fast messaging chat service all over the world. Skype allows starting to talk with unknown and Created friends list using Text, Audio, Video and Phone number call (Required Credit). The most favorite and fast/easy to use as the best iMessage alternatives for Mac, iOS, and all other platforms. Face to Face video calls up to 25 Peoples in Group and text up to 300 Friends in a group at once.

Call on mobile at meager rates, Instantly share photos, Videos, Locations from any device. Skype now supported by apple watch. 

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2. WhatsApp – texting App a real iMessage Alternative

Best Audio and Video call apps for Mac

WhatsApp is the top leading messaging app used by trillions of people in the world that have not the proper knowledge about technology and the internet Because of it’s very user-friendly iMessage alternatives. Up to date apps for iOS, Android and other all mobile platforms, Mac version, and Windows.

WhatsApp web is the new user interface that we can use without login or create an account on any Mac or PC where we want to use. WhatsApp Days, New Stickers and Minor bug improvements enjoyable for students, Employee or Businessperson.

3. Facebook Messenger

Best Audio and Video app for Mac

(iOS / Use in iMessage) The best iMessage alternatives ever, Facebook Stories is New features in Facebook Messenger remarkable, Messenger day good way to share your daily activity with Friends and Family.

Be a visual artist and make effects that other interesting to watch. Also Beautiful Keyboard layout and Helps to share GIFs, Emojis and more.

Facebook Messenger in iMessage

Yes, We can use Facebook Messenger from Mac. Open Messages app on Mac > From top account Messages > Add Account > Other Messages Account. Choose below options,

Account type: Jabber

User Name: your_name_here@chat.facebook.com

Password: Actual Facebook password

4. Google Allo

Google allo app for Calling

(iOS, Not available for Mac)The new messaging app from Google, Get the experience to google voice and get everything around the world in simple command from the Android mobile platform and now for iOS.

App has an inbuilt search engine and functional keyboard for find images, get a smart response on your Question to ask, Send the photo with text, New google assistant, Incognito mode for the private end to end encryption.

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5. Instagram

Best Chat and Messaging app for iOS

New Direct Message on Instagram is too many improvements compared to past app UI, Sent a direct message to the unknown with your friend request. Add multiple friends’ names or usernames at once and create a group in the Install iOS app. Unfortunately Instagram not available for Mac or The Web right now.

Instagram’s new Geo stickers always updated in New pack and ready to use. Know how to use new Geo stickers on Instagram messaging.

6. Viber

Best iMessage alternatives for Mac or iOS

Meet the new community on Viber; People are prepared to share new ideas via Text, Audio/ Video call. And it’s available on all the platforms (iOS, Mac).

Group chat between 250 people, Long distance free internet call, Instant video message (Send 30 Seconds video by a press and hold on record button). 

Protected end to end encryption, Start a secure chat with the PIN, More fun from News, Games ideas, Meet the new brands and Public profile.

Viber is now on Apple watch; We have an option to reply or text from apple watch.

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7. Hangout

Google Hangouts for video calling

Hangout is now available at all, Via apps or Web interface (Start hangout from email, Personal Hangout login). Start Free video calls, Phone call or Text Message on slow internet connectivity.

Connect with the whole gang on as one to one conversation. And more options for Emojis, Gifs, text, and Stickers.

This complete solution on Best iMessage alternatives for Mac, iOS, Android. New hangouts dialer Able to make a call to phone numbers.

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Feel iMessage alternative for PC proved perfect with the above apps! For the Security reason No texting or Calling service tied up with Apple for apps that work with iMessage (Send & Receive).

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Above are the most popular iMessage alternatives for Mac platform to join the most significant community with Videoconferencing, online meeting, Online presentation for Beginners, Professionals and Business users.

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