Apple Mail Signature images loading as Question Marks & Blank Space On Mac

Here are the tips to get your Mail signature on Mac sharp and High Resolution with any Blank space and Question Marks instead of Photos or Pictures.

Apple mail signature doesn’t load and shows blank square space or Question Marks, or the Mac mail signature image is blurry in the New Email compose preview or View in apple mail app on Mac. Follow the solution below to get a sharp and High definition image for a logo, profile photos, and company photo in your signature. Also, get a free sample mail signature Template with an image.

We can fix the problem with the correct format in the HTML code of the Mail signature that you used or pasted in the Signature creation.

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Tips to Fix Your Mail Signature Blurry, Loading, or Question Marks

1: Give the Right Dimensions for the Image

Dimension is really important to correct the signature layout even in responsive devices like Mac, MacBook, iMac, iPhone, and iPad. Inside the anchor tag use width and height elements with “;” end. also, give the half-size in pixels from the actual size of the picture.

width: 600px;
height: 150px;

2: Use High-Resolution Image

A most common issue is signature images show blurry when we compose a new email on a different device with different screen resolutions. In such a case, a Retina display requires a high-resolution picture for your Photographs or Signature.

If you want to see a Picture width of 600px then your image’s actual width should be 1200px. And if you set height 150px for the actual picture height 300px.

3: Use SVG Image file type

Generally, Decorative graphics, logos, and Pictures in signatures must be in SVG file format. if you don’t have an SVG picture, then you can use an online converter or Default editor to convert your JPG or PNG file into SVG.

Also, SVG takes a small space compared to other image formats. That helps to load your Mail preview fast, even on a slow internet connection. And your receiver gets the image in place of blank spaces or Question Marks.

4: Example for Image in Signature mail app

if you are not technical and unable to create an image signature template, then use the below sample and adjust your settings in the below HTML Code.

<a href="" title="Your Website Title" style='
color: transparent;
width: 600px;
height: 150px;
display: inline-block;
background-image: url(""), url("https://urltomyimage.jpg");
background-size: cover;
'>invisible text for screen readers, like your name</a>

I hope the above tricks will help you to create and edit your signature for a sharp preview in your Email.

Here’s how to create & add a New HTML signature on Mac that helps to create a High Resolution & Attractive signature template for your email.

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