10 Reasons To Use A NAS For Data Storage And Backup

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A trustworthy data storage solution is required for any organization or institution to operate appropriately. The majority of data storage solutions are either local or cloud-based. On the other hand, A NAS device is a hybrid of local and cloud-based data storage options.

Most data storage solutions are either local (within physical reach, akin to an external hard drive) or cloud-based. A Network Cordinated Storage device is similar to both. For example, data held by another company, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

While adding an external hard disc to a computer to boost storage isn’t a bad idea. Each PC must connect to it and access it in turn. On the other hand, a NAS is connected to the entire network. It is accessible by multiple PCs as long as they are all connected to the same network. It’s nothing like traditional external hard discs.

Top 10 Facts To Use A NAS For Data Storage And Backup

NAS devices typically include a built-in operating system with software features such as native media streaming, printer streaming, and remote access. Otherwise, they perform similarly to any other external hard drive you’ve used previously.

Dropbox and other cloud-based storage services let you rent space on someone else’s network-connected drives, allowing you to view your files from anywhere with an internet connection. A NAS provides you with the same capabilities without entrusting your data to a hosting company, removing any concerns about privacy or cost. In addition, by being set to support the Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID), a NAS can secure the stored data. A RAID configuration comprises two or more hard drives linked together to provide extra repetition (storing data on all drives simultaneously) and serve as a failover in case any of the hard drives fails.

A NAS device has a network connection that allows many PCs to access it as long as they are on the same network. The key benefits of using network-attached storage are listed below.

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Reason #1. More Storage Space

A NAS device will bring about adequate storage space to any local computer. It would effectively boost the available storage space. However, it’s worth noting that most laptops and PCs have limited storage space, making it difficult for their company to run smoothly.

Adopting a NAS storage device is cost-effective, especially because individual users do not require a specific quantity of capacity. In addition, by employing a NAS device, space is pooled together so that each user utilizes the space they require, freeing up space for data-hungry users.

Reason #2. Flawless Collaboration

It is cost-effective to use NAS storage systems, especially since there is no need to purchase a specific space for individual users. Instead, space is pooled together in such a way with a Network Attached Storage device that users only use the amount of space they require, freeing up space for data-hungry customers.

When you have to email a document to work on a report constantly, it can be unpleasant, especially if you end up with many clone versions of the document. However, when working with a NAS device, the documents can be accessed by anyone and from a single location.

Reason #3. Private Cloud Storage

The benefits of cloud storage should never be overlooked. But on the other hand, anyone storing sensitive information on a cloud-based system is concerned about who has access to it. For those concerned about this, a NAS system can provide effective cloud storage without the risk of surveillance.

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Reason #4. Automated Data Backup

Data backup is critical to a company’s or institution’s survival, especially if its hard disks fail. When using a NAS system, it is possible to set up automatic backups that will reflect any changes made locally on a PC to documents or folders.

Reason #5. Data Protection

Accidents happen, and they can damage our computers, putting their data on them at risk. For example, any laptop device may malfunction and the data stored may get destroyed. Fortunately, the data stores and is safe in the NAS, and no local hardware failure can affect or damage it.  

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Reason #6. Easy Server Setup Procedure

Setting up a NAS device is simple, which is good news for anyone who wants a piece of its many benefits. Most NAS devices have a simple web-based interface that allows setting up and retrieving the settings.

Reason #7. Personal Media Server

While having your own media server is crucial, these services are not available through popular cloud storage services. When using a NAS drive, however, this certainly becomes possible.

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Reason #8. Best Value for Money

You may be sure of the greatest data storage and backup system available with a NAS device. These two vital services are supplied in one package, eliminating searching for them individually.

Reason #9. Peace of Mind

A person must have long-term peace of mind since this ensures a high quality of life. Any company that installs a NAS device can rest assured that their data is always protected, that operations run smoothly, and that there is always enough space for everyone’s needs.

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Reason #10. Remote Access

Great NAS devices should be available to businesses and institutions. This device is groundbreaking since it allows users to view their files anywhere and anytime. However, each modern business or institution should invest in network-linked storage to achieve maximum success.

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