How to Add, Edit, or Change Outlook Signature on Mac

Last Updated on Dec 22, 2021

Here’s a guide on a create or import outlook signature on mac. Also, find a way to change the outlook signature on mac from saved Signatures in the Outlook app on Mac. Also, edit outlook signature on mac, Remove the Signature from Outlook mac that’s not in use.

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Attach your portfolio, company details in Outlook Email with a custom signature They might be Plain text, Some Link, Bio Profile, or HTML design with a Clicable Image and link. Also, we can create multiple signatures for different types of emails in the same account and choose which format you should add in signature before sending an email from the outlook mac app.

Signature in Outlook Mac mail app: A Complete guide

Create Signature on Mac

First, you have to add your email account in the outlook app to start creating an email signature for Outlook Email or Other third-party Email services that you have added to the outlook Mac app. follow the below steps,

  1. Open Outlook mail app on Mac. From the top Mac menu, Click on Outlook > Preferences.Outlook Preferences on Mac
  2. Next, Click on Signatures under the email section.Signatures on Outlook Mac
  3. If you didn’t have to create any signature then you have to click on the Plus button [+] to add a new one.add-a-new-signature-on-outlook-mac
  4. Give the Signature name so you can use it while composing a new Message in the mail app.create-a-signauture-for-mac-outlook
  5. Now, Use Editor to add Name with Different font sizes & Style. List, Alignment, Picture, Link, and Table with Colorful style and responsive Signature design for all smartphones, Tablet or mobile.
  6. If you don’t like to create your own signature then you can use HTML Signature support, Create HTML Signature online and Paste it here in the signature field. Explained in next.heres-added-signature-on-outlook-mac
  7. Now, Press Command + S to Save signature to Outlook mac app. That’s it. In the same way, we can create Multiple signatures in the outlook account and use them across all other devices that are signed in with the same account.
  8. That’s it. Now, we will learn how to Create or Add HTML Signature on Outlook Mac.

How to Add HTML Signature to Outlook Mac

Outlook mail app in Microsoft Office 365 Package Support HTML signature in an easy way, Older version of Outlook is also supporting but here are the steps for Create HTML Signature for Outlook Mac app & Add HTML signature to the Outlook Signature creator tool.

  1. You can use HTML creator or Designing tool to create custom HTML email Signature or Go Online HTML Signature Generator.create-html-email-signature-on-online
  2. Enter signature details, Personal Data, Company Data, Graphics, Disclaimer Text, Style, and Social Media Links.apply-signature-style-for-email
  3. Click on Show signature preview. Now, Click on Copy to “copy the signature to the clipboard“. copy-html-signature-to-clipboard-online
  4. and Paste it to Signature Creating tool in Outlook Signature Preferences. Open Outlook app on Mac, From the top menu, Outlook > Preferences > Signatures.Signatures on Outlook Mac
  5. Click on Plus button to add.add-a-new-signature-on-outlook-mac
  6. and [Command + V] Paste signature here in black space.create-a-signauture-for-mac-outlook
  7. Press Command + S to Save signature. and Compose a New Email to Get HTML Signature.use-or-change-signature-on-outlook-mac
  8. That’s it.

Now, the next part is to Assign the Default signature to the Email account added in the outlook mac app for New Messages, and Replies/Forwards.

Choose & Set Default Signature in Outlook Mail App

Outlook is giving the option to auto-assign default signature to a different account while we compose a new mail or Forward or Reply. That’s time-saving settings available in Outlook Signature preferences.

  1. Open Outlook on Mac, From top Menu, Outlook > Preferences.Outlook Preferences on Mac
  2. Click on Signatures.Signatures on Outlook Mac
  3. The Last section is “Choose Default Signature“.
  4. Select Account and Then select signature for “New messages“, “Replies/Forwards“.assign-signature-for-outlook-mac
  5. That’s it.

Now, while we compose a new message or Mail, See the option for changing a Default signature in the message tool.

Change Outlook Signature on Mac

as we know, We can add multiple signatures in Outlook mac, But also we have to know how to change Signature while composing a new mail or Reply/Forward.

On New Outlook:-

  1. Open Outlook on Mac, Compose or Reply/Forward email.
  2. Click on the Signature option and Select your Signature that you need to use and send an email message.use-or-change-signature-on-outlook-mac

On Old Outlook:-

  1. Open Outlook on Mac, Compose or Reply/Forward email.
  2. Click on the Signature option from the top ribbon and Select your Signature that you need to use and send an email message. Select your Signature and Quickly change what you use.access-or-change-signatures-on-outlook-mac
  3. That’s it.

Remove Signature from Outlook on Mac

Removing signature on outlook Mac is very easy. Make sure and Verify before deleting the signature, Becuase it can’t be undone. So, Make sure before deleting. Follow the below steps,

  1. Open Outlook on Mac. from the top menu, Outlook > Preferences.
  2. Select Signatures > Select Signature from the list and Click on the Minus [-] button. To Complately delete.delete-signature-from-outlook-mac
  3. Finally click on the delete button. delete-signauture-on-mac-outlook
  4. That’s it.

Outlook Signature Folder Location Mac

outlook signature path mac is common for Outlook users, It depends on the Outlook version. So, follow the below step for all outlook app versions. Your Uploaded Email Signature will save into your Mac local drive folder under the Library folder.

  1. Open Finder on Mac. from top menu Go > Go to Folder.
  2. Enter the folder path, ~/Library/Mail,open-outlook-mail-folder-on-mac
    Select App version from, V2, V3, V6 or V9 > Signatures. and See the HTML file that you use & Saved for signature.
  3. That’s it.

Hope you can see where are outlook signature files stored on mac? if note then restarts your Mac, sometimes recently created signature will not find in the local folder.

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