How to Automatically Backup iPhone Photo to Google Drive in 2024

Connect your iPhone with Google for the auto backup photo to google drive on iPhone/ iPad. As we know google never let-down the performance or security, so I would like to recommend google photo for auto-sync your camera album to Google Drive. More in the benefits compare to other cloud services Dropbox, iCloud are up to 15GB free storage, Lightweight apps, Google Photo app available for all platform so it’s accessible on most all other devices.

Custom settings for Enable/ Disable Auto backup your camera album to google drive is really useful.

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How to Backup Photo to Google drive on iPhone, iPad

Note: You must have installed the latest Google Drive App for iOS. in case of don’t downloaded then go to the App Store app and find google drive app and tap get to start the installation.

  • #1: Open Google Drive App from the Home screen on your iPhone or iPad.

[if not signed-in, then first enter Emai ID and password of your Google Gmail] if already logged in, then go to the next step;

  • #2: Tap More option tab (Three horizontal lines) that appears on the left-upper side google drive from your phone home screen and sign-in then tap more option
  • #3: Tap Settings
  • #4: Tap Backuptap settings and tap on backup
  • #5: Now you get a screen (Back up with Google Drive) to show you three options,
    Screen Says- This backup could take several hours, Please connect your device to power and Wi-Fi.

1) Contacts
2) Calendar events
3) Photos & Videos (back up to Google Photos)
Only contacts, events, photos, and videos stored on the device or iCloud online services will be backed up. Content from other Services will not be backed up.
Contacts and calendar events previously backed up fro this device will be replaced.

  • #6: Choose Photos & Videos
  • #7: Turn toggle back up to Google Photos On,
    • Note: Your phone asks you, permission required
      Google Drive needs permissions to access your photos, Please restart backup after granting permission in Settings.tap on photos and videos and turn toggle back up to google photos
  • #8: Go with Open Settings
  • #9: Tap Photos and choose Read and Write [Don’t choose Never, otherwise Google drive won’t backup photos iPhone]tap on open settings then tap photos and choose read and write
  • #10: Now go back to Google drive’s back up screen ( if don’t get back up screen then refer step 1 to 4)
  • #11: Now you will have two options,
    1) High quality (free unlimited storage)- Great visual quality at reduced file size
    2) Original – Full resolution that counts against your quota.

Note: only Photos and videos stored on the device or iCloud online service will be backed up. Photos and videos from other services will not be backed up.
Here I recommend – Choose Original

  • #12: Tap Start Backup button appears blue-in color lower on the screen.tap start back up and automatically back up for iphone photos with google photos starts

That’s it!

Auto backup Using Google Photos app

  • Download Google Photos iOS app
  • Allow Google Photos to access the camera photo to the app. Click on Ok from a popup.
  • Start installation setup > Back up & sync toggle.

4 Google photo settings app on iphone iPad

  • Choose High Quality in Free unlimited storage
  • That’s it. From App settings > Back up & sync. Disable it for auto backup stop

5 Start Backup to Photo drive app on iphone

Manage Device storage option for this app is really awesome, it will delete all photo and videos from device those uploaded into google photo account. It will release a big space by Free up space.

Move iCloud photo to Google Photo

First Download all photos locally in an iOS device by enabling iCloud photo library. iPhone Settings > Photos & Camera > Enable iCloud Photo library

Second option under iCloud Library > iCloud Photo Library toggle

With this option, you will get the iCloud photo to your iOS Photos app. Now repeat any of the above two ways.

Here’s Google Drive Alternatives for iOS

Share your experience about Backup Photo to google drive on iPhone/ iPad in the comment box.

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