Move iCloud photo to Dropbox on iPhone/ iPad [How To]

Get perfect Solution on keep your iCloud Photo or camera photo app to your Dropbox account. Nevertheless iCloud drive is not bad option for take full device backup easily, but the person who has already dropbox and using from many years they have a best options for Move iCloud photo to Dropbox from iPhone/ iPad. With this help we can enjoy other tens of very useful benefits like MS Office integration, 256 AES Encryption, Easily access on Mac/ Windows, File recovery and history manage, Remotely wipe data.

Dropbox have a standard plans for personal, Business or Enterprise use. And the perfect solution on manage any file type that you want.

Steps for Move iCloud photo to Dropbox from iPhone/ iPad

In the whole process you should have a full copy of iCloud photo on iOS device locally. So enable iCloud Photo sharing on iOS settings app. Then upload all photos to dropbox.

Enable iCloud Photo Library on iPhone/ iPad

1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone/ iPad.

2: Next, Tap on Photos & Camera option.

3: Then, Enable iCloud Photo Library toggle. Option panal you will also find after enable library.

1 Enable iCloud Photo library on iPhone with iOS 10

You should check mark Download and Keep Originals photos and Video in settings. Open photos app on iPhone/ iPad. Check all photos will be downloading there.

Upload Photos to Dropbox using app

Dropbox is convincing application for keep backup your all photos from iPhone/ iPad using manually or Automatic backup. Then easily access on all platform and devices.

1: Install Dropbox on iPhone/ iPad

2: Login with your Dropbox username and Password. Skip steps for take backup of selected photos.

In Recent update, Dropbox doesn’t give option for auto backup camera to Dropbox. But you can do it free by install Dropbox app on PC or Upgrade dropbox pro. I downloaded dropbox to my pc and it’s free for me. See my screen

2 Turn on Camera Upload for Dropbox on iPhone iPad 1

3: Tap on “Recents” option from tab below. Next, Tap on Settings gear icon frop top left corner of the screen.

4: Under Settings, Tap on Camera Uploads > Enable Camera Upload toggle. More customization on auto upload settings you have below options.

3 Move iCloud photo to Dropbox using iPhone or iPad

Upload Video: With Photo, Upload Big size video on dropbox as well.

Use Cellular Data: Disable it, Big save and be safe from data plan penalties.

Background Uploading: Enable and Leave it for auto uploads all photos app data to dropbox automatically when you are in network.

Also check this: Manually upload photos to dropbox from iPhone/ iPad. Not at all only selected

Enjoy all iCloud photos, Videos by Move iCloud photo to Dropbox automatically from iPhone/ iPad.