Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone and iPad for any Data

Best cloud storage apps for iPhone, iPad, make you secure with your useful data (Files, Doc, images, video, act..). From this article, you can find the list of all best cloud storage service for your iPhone and iPad. From this list, you can download and install in your mobile; then you can share your data easily with synchronizing your phone with the own account. The best cloud storage app is nominated based on futures, social sharing, Easy to manage, free Space (Size), premium plans. Don’t miss any of given in below best cloud storage apps for iPhone, iPad. This all favorite apps are running on all iOS versions compatible (iOS 7 to iOS 10 and later).

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Do you know using below apps we can Send large file on Mail [25MB or more]?

Top best cloud storage apps for iPhone, iPad – iOS 7 or iOS 8

1. Dropbox

Dropbox for iPhone and iPad

In this time Dropbox is the very popular cause of its given many free services and integration techniques for developers. Dropbox, we can install any platform like Windows, Mac or Mobile OS like iOS, Android and more. You can get 2 GB free login space and should be increased with friend referral service up to 18 GB.

Drop box has premium plan. Also, you can buy extra space online any time in a small amount. For Windows and Mac you can create Dropbox space on your device without any login, you can place and share data files, media file easily.  You can see all features and signup on

Dropbox Security is now extended, Enable passcode on Dropbox iOS app.

The new feature is offline access, Keep your Dropbox file offline access under apps allocated storage. That’s very easy to view unsupported file type on iPhone/ iPad or iPod touch.

Scan Documents directly from Dropbox camera and save it online.

Summarize –

  • 2 GB Free space, 500MB free on per referral
  • Easy to share biggest files
  • Fast Speed
  • We can use for audio, video, Files and folders.

Click to Download Dropbox for iOS device – Free

2. Google Drive

2 Google Drive for iPhone iPad and iPod Touch

Google Drive deserves Best cloud storage apps for iPhone and iPad. Google drive know for its free space and expandable in cheapest coast from the list of best other cloud storage companies. We can use it in from desktop – Windows, and Mac also.

Keep important document under the start category.

Summarize –

  • 15 GB free space, 100 GB per $5.
  • Easy to search any document and files with name
  • Easy to share, Permission for access
  • See all recent file, and other useful options
  • Work offline, we can view the file in offline mode.

Click to Download Google Drive for iOS device – Free

3. Amazon Drive

4 Amazon Drive for iPhone and iPad

Amazon jumped into cloud storage for host websites (And biggest tech giant are using Amazon AWS for best speed – CDN network), just like Google and other online services. Amazon private network spread over the world for different types of services like Cloud storage app. Amazon’s iOS are now available on Apple Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

This is compatible with iOS 8.1 or later.

Save your camera roll photos, Videos, Music, Text & PDF documents security at once place. Get an instant preview for the supported file types or download for offline use.

Important features of this app are Create a folder, manage files between them, Search file and folder with name, Rename or Delete files.

Share file directly on the social site or send as a mail attachment.

3 months unlimited storage for new customers, Create a free account and use it with Email and password.

Download App – Free

4. One Drive

3 Outlook cloud for iPhone iPad and iPod Touch

Microsoft New cloud drive (One drive) – Fifth Best cloud storage apps for iPhone, iPad. Microsoft’s very popular cloud storage service for all device and OS, feel batter to share and store anything, anywhere.

Find Files and folder under Recycle Bin, Manage multiple accounts from Profile tab “Me”.

See the list of shared document under shared tab.

Summarize –

  • 15 GB free space, explore space on monthly and yearly plans
  • You are 365 pro users; Then you can get free 1 TB free credit on your account
  • Clean design, easy to access

Click to download One drive – Free

5. Box


Box - Best cloud storage apps for iPhone and iPad

Box – Seventh Best cloud storage app for the iOS device. Box is content management service.

  • 10 GB on free account
  • Edit online, and share in an instant way
  • Different profile for business and personal usage

Click to download Box – Free

6. Cubby

6 cubby cloud storage app for iPhone

Cubby – Fourth best cloud storage apps for iPhone, iPad. No limitation in free service. Put your profile in secure. Easy to share Cubby from your iPhone, iPad.

Summarize –

  • 5GB free space, buy $100 GB in $3.99
  • Mark any file for offline use
  • Permission access on people
  • All files types support.

Click to download Cubby – Free

7. Copy

Copy for iOS - Cloud app for iPhone and iPad

Copy – Third Best cloud storage apps for iPhone, iPad. No one can hack your file and other data. It’s hence that, Copy done your data in encrypted format after uploaded by you.

Summarize –

  • 15 GB free space, explore more through premium plan
  • Clean design
  • Very secure
  • Multi-platform and device support

Click to download Copy – Free

Other related and very useful for prepositional users, who want to keep own data safe from your iPhone, iPad listed in below.

8. SugurSync

SugurSync – Sixth best cloud storage apps for iPhone, iPad. Enable to make movie, video, text, doc file sharable with your friends.

  • Folder permission, Create public link
  • Easy to access from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Online backup – restore all data

    SugurSync - Best app for Cloud storage - iOS 7 - iOS 8
    SugurSync – Best app for Cloud storage – iOS 7 – iOS 8

Click to download SugurSync – Free

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Install the entire amazing free cloud app, what would you like, please also comment in below. If you find any advance which useful to others then don’t miss to share this list of best cloud storage apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac device.