6 Best Alarm Apps for Mac in 2023 (macOS Sonoma)

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Alarm apps are an essential part of our daily routine to get up on time. Whether you need a 10-minute power nap or wake up on time every morning, the Alarm and timer apps are the best option to effectively manage time and work routine. These apps offer more than the basic alarm functionalities, providing a range of features to fulfill diverse needs. Many apps also work seamlessly in sleep mode, ensuring alarms are effective even when the Mac is inactive. If you are a heavy sleeper, a busy 9 to 5 job struggler, or a student, these good alarm apps for Mac transform Mac into a dependable tool for punctuality and productivity.

In this article, we have picked the best alarm apps for Mac by researching their unique features to suit every individual’s needs. Also, read these are the Best Alarm Apps For iPhone.

1. Sleep Alarm Clock 

Sleep Alarm Clock Alarm Apps for Mac
Sleep Alarm Clock

Pros of using the Sleep Alarm Clock app:

  • Crafted by a sleep analyst to improve sleep
  • Appealing animated video background
  • User-friendly interface

Price = free

The Sleep Alarm Clock app is now accessible for free on the Mac App Store. It is the best alarm clock for Macbook that has aesthetic and appealing animated video backgrounds with a combination of practical use. You can effortlessly manage your mornings with its snooze button and customize your wake-up experience using adjustable alarm volume and a diverse selection of alarm sounds. Additionally, the app offers a convenient sleep timer that allows one to sleep peacefully with ambient white noise. Elevate your alarm clock routine with this all-encompassing app that seamlessly marries functionality and aesthetics, ensuring a well-rounded, restful sleep and wake cycle.

2. Timer RH

Timer RH Alarm Apps for Mac
Timer RH

Pros of using the Timer RH app:

  • It has shortcuts for quick use
  • It allows to addition of multiple timers
  • It allows the customization of sound and timers

Price = In-App Purchases start from $0.99 – $7.99

The Timer RH app is your best alarm clock app for Mac and the ultimate time management companion you must have if you struggle to be on time. With its array of features, including multiple timers, repeating and interval timers, and a versatile stopwatch, it’s a dynamic tool for various tasks. You can organize and distinguish timers with text and color labels, while one-touch timers streamline efficiency. You can access quick timers through the status bar and Dock icon widgets or merge timers with scenarios for seamless coordination. Use shortcuts and hotkeys for instant accessibility. Moreover, the app’s scheduler ensures efficient handling of repetitive tasks, while history tracking, fullscreen mode, and flexible sound settings enhance user experience.

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3. Wake Up Time 

Wake Up Time Alarm Apps for Mac
Wake Up Time

Pros of using the Wake Up Time app:

  • It allows one to choose a variety of alarm sounds
  • It has a realistic clock display with a HUD display
  • It supports a 24-hour mode

Price = free

The Wake Up Time app is the top-notch Alarm clock app for Mac designed to elevate your mornings. It has various built-in Alarm sounds to add your preferred custom ones. The option to randomize sounds keeps waking up refreshing. Tailor your experience with adjustable snooze times and a 24-hour mode. The gradual volume fade ensures gentle awakenings. It has a realistic alarm clock display that showcases the current time and day of the week. You can effortlessly manage alarms with the Main Switch button and the convenience of the HUD display. 

4. Clock – default on Mac

Clock default Alarm Apps for Mac

Pros of using Clock – default on Mac app:

  • Easy to use
  • It is already installed on the Mac
  • Use Siri to set alarms and timers

Price = Free

The Clock is the Best free alarm clock for Mac offering an array of indispensable features. It allows us to stay globally connected by tracking local times, sunrises, and sunsets across cities worldwide. You can set personalized alarms and easily adjust the recurring Alarm for efficient scheduling. You can also manage your list of world clocks and delete them when you don’t need them. Engage the stopwatch for precise timing and initiate timers for punctual tasks. With Siri, you can explore the world’s time zones effortlessly. Clock caters to diverse needs, whether you’re a frequent traveler or require precise timekeeping. 

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5. Clock mini 

Clock mini Alarm Apps for Mac
Clock mini

Pros of using Clock Mini:

  • It offers a wide variety of clock faces in the gallery
  • It allows customizing Alarm sounds
  • It supports multiple timer modes and fullscreen mode

Price = In-App Purchases start from $0.00 – $29.99

The Clock mini is a captivating live clock app that resides right in your dock; you can easily access all its features via a simple right-click or click-and-hold on the app icon. This dynamic app has a 24-hour timer function with intuitive controls supporting slider and numerical input. It’s useful if you work with other region clients; you can also incorporate multiple time zones into your daily routine through the world clock feature. Explore the Clock Face Gallery to discover a plethora of meticulously crafted clock styles available for in-app purchases. While the core dock clock, timer, and world clock features remain free, you can still check Clock Mini Plus, which features extended functionalities like multiple timers, customizable alert sounds, and a world clock converter.

6. Timeless 

Timeless Alarm Apps for Mac

Pros of using the Timeless app:

  • It offers a wide array of alarm sounds
  • Attractive time-based user interface 
  • Add customer titles and unique alarms

Price = $4.99

Welcome to Timeless, the epitome of elegance and functionality in alarm clock and reminder apps for Mac. Its seamless integration into your daily routine, from dawn to dusk, is accompanied by a stunning interface that is both beautiful and user-friendly. You can enjoy limitless unique alarms, each with custom titles. It also supports full-screen Nightstand Mode; you can select from many alarm sounds or add your own. It has adjustable snooze functionality, fading alarms, and personalized time-based interface colors. Whether via the menu bar or Dock, Timeless caters to your convenience. You can also try speed, customizable nature, and never-miss-a-beat functionality. With Timeless, your Mac’s time management reaches unmatched levels of sophistication and practicality.


The utility of the Best Alarm Apps for Mac extends well beyond simple wake-up calls. Their adaptability to individual preferences and features like customizable sounds, multiple alarms, and sleep mode functionality are perfect for optimizing daily routines. Whether you’re a professional seeking enhanced time management or a student striving for punctuality, these apps offer tailored solutions. Include these Best alarm apps for Mac in your daily routine to be always on time and make your routine productive and hassle-free.

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Do you use any Alarm app for Mac in your daily life? Which one is your favorite? Do comment on your ideas and other recommendations in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) 

Q1. Does Mac have an alarm app?

Yes, Mac has a built-in alarm app called “Clock “, which allows users to set alarms and timers and even use the “Bedtime” feature for consistent sleep schedules. Moreover, many third-party alarm apps are available on the Mac App Store, offering a variety of features to suit individual preferences and needs.

Q2. How can I set the Alarm on my Mac?

Click Alarm at the top of the Clock app on your Mac. Select the Add button, enter a time, and then select one of the following options: Repeat: Choose which days of the week you want the Alarm to go off on.

Q3. Will my Alarm go off if my Mac is closed?

No, alarms don’t go off if the Mac is completely off. Alarms and timers still continue to function even if the app is closed or your smartphone is locked. If you receive a warning that notifications only appear when the device is active, make sure your device does not go to sleep (you can also check device sleep settings by visiting Settings > System > Power & Sleep).

Q4. Is there an alarm clock for Mac that works in sleep mode?

Yes, some third-party Alarm clock for Mac are designed to work even when the device is in sleep mode. These Alarm clock Mac that works in sleep mode typically utilize low-power background processes to ensure alarms go off as intended, making them suitable for users who prefer their Mac to be in sleep mode while relying on alarms.

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