Best Brain Training Apps for Seniors in 2023 (iPhone, iPad)

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The brain is the wonderful organ that God created that can develop and learn while we age. With the moving fast-paced, smart world, it’s important to keep the brain sharp and active to deal with the modern living style. Playing crossword puzzles and other tricky games is always fun that makes the brain think to execute the problem.

Isn’t it great to practice with the free brain exercise apps that makes your memory powerful and brain smart? Being smart and sharp is the new trend these days. Whether it’s about studying or a job, brain training apps are a fantastic way to become mentally strong and active. In this blog, you will read about the best free brain training apps for seniors for iPhone and iPad.

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1. Lumosity


Lumosity comes on top when it comes to the Best brain-improving apps due to its amazing games and brain-training activities. The app has almost everything required to train the brain, like reasoning, brain exercises, problem-solving games, and much more. Just begin with 10 mins fit test to set your challenge boundaries and know where you stand.

Why should you try lumosity?

  • It has 40-plus brain activities.
  • Best challenges for maths, logic, memory, and brainstorming activities.
  • Accessed in multiple languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, and Korean. 

Try various games, puzzles, and problem-solving activities and see the change it brings out in you.

2. Elevate


Elevate is among the most popular brain training apps, which Apple recognizes as App of the Year. This app is best for improving concentration, speaking abilities, memory power, math skills, and much more. The best thing about this app is it provides a personalized training program that is adjustable to get the best results out of practice. The app is best for boosting confidence, productivity, improved vocabulary, and overall mental sharpness. As the name itself says- Elevate.

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Why should you try Elevate?

  • 40+ Brain Training Games
  • Customize daily workouts and weekly reports
  • Play mini apps on apple watch

3. Peak


Expand your mental skills and become unstoppable with the peak brain training app. If you are looking for the best brain workout apps, then your search ends here with Peak. The app has interesting 45-plus games to train the brain while having fun. Challenge your mind daily with a brain workout by practicing with expert brain trainers with the peak app.

Why should you try Peak?

  • 45+ games with six categories
  • You can also play short games if you lack time
  • Get access of advances brain training modules

So, what are you thinking? Join the best brain training app today and see how it transforms your life.

4. NeuroNation


If you think your weak brain needs exercise, then NeuroNation has got you covered all. The app performs your brain analysis and creates personal training to work on the factors where exactly it’s needed. If you lack focus or facing any mental illness, this app can help you to heal. You don’t need to make much effort to achieve mental peace. Do brain training with NeuroNation for just 15 mins a day and feel a considerable change in your mental problems.

Why should you try NeuroNation?

  • Helps fight depression, stress, and illness like dementia.
  • 34 motivational exercises with 300 levels
  • Community of 23,000,000 members worldwide

5. Impulse


Have you been fed up with the absence of mind and lack of concentration? Then it’s time to add some fuel to your brain. The Impulse comes on top when it comes to the Best apps for brain training. The app offers challenging brain games that ensure to help with brain progress in a short period of time. It also has intelligence and personality test to boost your cognitive abilities while not compromising on fun.

Why should you try Impulse?

  • It has 30+ million happy users.
  • Recognized by Apple as app of the day in about 30 countries.
  • Offers a 3-day free trial.

6. CogniFit


Training your brain can be an interesting yet challenging task, but with the right app, it’s possible to achieve mental goals and achievements with proper brain training. The app has multiple fun and interactive brain games that will improve your cognitive function at your comfort. The app uses effective technology to analyze your daily and weekly scores to improve your cognitive abilities.

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Why should you use CogniFit?

  • Allows to create a custom weekly plan as per convenience
  • Personalized brain training sessions
  • Fun and engaging games.

7. Mind Games


Mind Games has an exclusive collection of brain training games that focuses on creating a healthy and happy mind. The app also has free trial games that can be played 3 times to analyze your score. Try various games according to your cognitive needs and improve your brain functions. You can make your memory sharp and achieve your dream goals through daily brain activities.

Why should you try Mind Games?

  • Improve your vocabulary
  • Improve your Memorizing skill and learning power
  • Get a free trial games

8. BrainHQ


BrainHQ is a must-try brain training app to achieve better brain health. We all strive for mental peace, but it can only be achieved if we have smart and active enough to tackle problems. Brain HQ is known for bringing real change for sure. The app focuses on exercises that will help in cognitive improvements, real-life improvements, physical brain changes, and many more. Take a step towards a happy life and try Brain HQ.

Why should you try BrainHQ?

  • Fine-tuned for better brain training sessions
  • Personalized brain exercises for guaranteed improvement.
  • Recommended by more than 100 publications for real-life changes

9. MindPal


MindPal is a premium brain training app to enhance your memory power and improve problem-solving skills. The app provides personalized brain workouts with entertainment that will help you be active and get smarter daily. This app consists of over 40 educational games focusing on important brain areas like memory, language, problem-solving, speed, maths, and many more.

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Why should you try MindPal?

  • It has over 35 games with 1000 levels to learn different skills.
  • Word games for improving vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Get detailed insights to evaluate your brain.

The app is free to use; you can upgrade to take benefit of premium features depending on the requirement of your brain training.

10. GEIST (Memorado)


If you love meditation and listening to mind-calming audio, then GEIST can be your favorite choice. The app is known for providing the best brain training program. It has over 10 million members worldwide. Take a break from your busy life and check out geist, fun and challenging games. The app can create personalized brain workouts to design what actually works for you. 

Why should you try Geist?

  • 720 levels with 24 mind games 
  • The app has attractive graphics
  • Mind-soothing exercises and audio for relaxation

Though geist is free to use, you must check out premium geist for a better experience and detailed personalized brain workouts.

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Life is unpredictable; investing time and money in mental health is important to live a happy and problem-free life. Being mentally strong can solve half of the problem. Brain training apps can be the best way to make the brain sharp and smart to avoid day-to-day problems. Brain training apps can make you confident by improving your memory, mathematical, and problem-solving skills, so you never depend on anyone for basic things.It’s said that a happy mind leads to a happy life. It’s important to keep the mind happy to stay motivated and perform everyday tasks without any hassle. There are many best free brain game apps for iPhone, or you can also search for free brain exercise apps according to your convenience of practice. Hope you found the blog informative and helped you about the importance of brain training apps.

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