Best Free Brain Training apps for Seniors for iPhone, iPad: Brain Training Apps for Adult

1 Best Brain Training Apps for iPhone

Best brain training apps for dementia. Get a complete list of Best Brain training apps for iPhone, iPad & iPad that keeps your mind active and sharp with brain training applications. In previous times peoples used to solve puzzles and crosswords in the newspaper to make their minds sharp and fresh. But in today’s era is full of technology and nobody has enough time to solve that kind of puzzles and crosswords in the newspaper. Everyone is busy with social applications including senior citizens and kids.

Few developers thought about this, and with the cooperation of neuroscientists and game experts, they created apps that can improve your writing, reading, IQ, thinking, alertness of mind, and many such abilities. If you practice these apps daily, then there are chances to make your mind active. It is made for all age groups – Kids, Adults, Senior. As per your current situation, it will teach you.

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1 Best Brain Training Apps for iPhone

Top Best Brain train apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

1. Peak

1 peak brain train iPhone app “Peak” application for brain train was declared the best app of 2020 across 24 countries of the world. It contains over 40 different games which are developed by game experts and neuroscientists to challenge your skills and to build it more and more.

These games will be challenging for your mental agility, attention, language, creativity, and much more. Even you can hire a personal coach for your training they will teach you more precisely and track your development easily. You can go for the premium version if you want more training.

Compatible with: iOS 10 or later

Download on iTunes – Free

2. Elevate

2 Elevate Brain Training iOS appsElevate app is designed to improve mental abilities, listening skills, reading skills, memory, and more. Apple has declared this app as an app of the year. The more you will be in touch with this app the more your cognitive skills such as productivity, self-confidence and earning power will boost up. The users who are actively participating in this have reported an increase in confidence and other abilities. Track your improvement and also watch your performance on apple watch.

Compatible With iOS 9 or Later

Get on iTunes – Free

3. Lumosity

3 Lumosity iOS Brain Train iPhone appLumosity is used by around 90 million peoples of the world for the same purpose of developing skills. Just think, on your palm how much you can learn and share knowledge with others. The games which are developed by game experts are much better for your brain to increase vision.

A summary is prepared which is presented in the form of a graph which shows you what’s your level regarding all these skills. In which area you need to focus more and which is your powerful part among them. Premium customers get some extra benefits from their trainer; if you need more training, you must go for the premium account.

Enjoy on iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 or later

Download Lumosity in iTunes – Free

4. Fit brain trainer

4 Fix Brains Trainer iPhone AppInstall fit brain trainer and join the other 18 million users of this app. The brain trainer app can stimulate your EQ and IQ, and after that, your confidence level will be at the peak. This app contains more than 60 apps, 500+ learning sessions and at last, it will provide your performance report.

It will target all your important areas such as memory, alertness, concentration, and many such things. It’s a good chance to develop your personality by playing games and other activities.

iOS 8 or later

Download App – Free

5. NeuroNation-Brain Training

5 NeuroNation Brain Train iPhone appWith the NeuroNation training app, you can get enjoy eight tailored courses and 29 different exercises? This app is free of cost for your brain training but if you go for the premium version you will get supplementary exercise, and you will get a progressive assessment with other exciting features.

Stay focused, achieve success, improve memory, sharpen your mind, and think faster are the sign of improving your personality.

  • iOS 6 or later

Download NeuroNation – Free

Brain Train Apps for Senior’s

6. CogniFit Brain Fitness

6 CogniFit Brain Games for SeniorThe only app which lets you broaden your mind by brain games and also evaluates your memory in a fun way. CogniFit is a leading application for brain training by developing cognitive skills and other abilities too. It examines your brain by asking a few questions and then they train you as per your current level.

Training is conducted by some fun games and also concentration-related exercises. At last, you will gain some skills such as improved memory, concentration, planning, reasoning, and many more.

iOS 10 or later


7. Mind Games

7 Mind Games iOS appMind Games in all in one training center for your mind to develop. It has a wide range of training activities which are very useful in this world to survive. A lot of games are included in this app which includes a three-time free trial, and all the score is shown in the form of a graph.

It can boost up your abilities with important training such as attention training games, face memory, mental flex, dictionary star, word memory, and much more. If you believe or not but if you want to improve all these areas then you must go for this app for quick improvement.

iOS 6 or later


8. BrainHQ

8 BrainHQ iOS app for iPhone Brain Train iOS appBrainHQ is developed by a top scientist in the world after a lot of research in the field of neuroscience. Exceptionally it is found that a lot of peoples are on the path of improvement after using this application.

Improvements such as better memory and alertness of brain, concentration, and a healthy mind, and much more. This application is free for you to download and contains daily exercises. Even if you want to go for the premium version you have to pay $13.99/month or $94.99/year (in the US only). Download and feel change in yourself.

BrainHQ in iTunes – Free

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