How to Free up Storage on iPhone 15

Quickly, Manage Storage and Free up Storage Space on iPhone is a not difficult task and it’s risk-free. Let’s check we found some tricks that help in managing the storage of the iPhone. For a very long if you’re using iPhone, definitely it will have a lot of unforgettable memories in the form of pictures and videos, and it might be possible that you will run out of storage. So it is necessary to free up some space otherwise the performance of the device will degrade, and it will work slow after a few days.

There are a lot of ways to free up storage space without compromising with valuable memories. If you want to free up some space then you can move some of your photos in iCloud Photo Library, or an iCloud offers you 5GB to store data offload, or you can offload some unused applications, and much more tricks are there to save storage.

Why we need clean storage: After the switch to a new iPhone we restore the old backup to the new iPhone (64GB+), finally we can have very small storage on the new iPhone. Let’s clean up or make space for taking a photo, live photo, Videos, and more.

See updated Available Storage details of your iPhone: Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage (See the screen below)

Launch the settings next tap on general then select iPhone storage on iPhone

Let’s See Best of Them: Free Up Space on iPhone

1. Check Available Free Space on iPhone

Check Available Free Space on iPhone
Check Available Free Space on iPhone

iPhone/iPad users are getting the alert message the iOS/iPadOS device like Storage Almost full. At that time device, the owner has no idea about how to check free space available on His/Her Device. Let’s first know available space in Gigabyte or in Mbs.

1. Go to the Settings app on the iPhone.
2. Scroll to General Tab.

Open Settings Select General on iPhone

3. Click on About. scroll to Available space. According to your requirement, we can free up storage from iPhone. Follow the next tricks to free up space on your iOS device or iPadOS.

Click about tap available on iphone

Can I Increase iPhone Storage Capacity Free?

💡 Without Deleting Photos, Videos and Without Deleting apps


No, there is no professional methods or service to replace or Upgrade the storage capacity on your iPhone. But we can use External USB C, USB 3 to Lightning Port Drive, to Directly Transfer Media files to External devices [Mac/PC] from iPhone.

Use MFi Certified External Storage for all Mobile solutions. available in 512GB, 256GB, 128GB Storage.

  • Automatic Photo & Video Backup.
  • Watch Media file directly from External Drive.
  • 4 in 1 iPhone flash Drive
  • Pocket Size Use as Keychain

2. Free Up Huge Space from Photos and Videos Saved on iPhone

If you know that “How to free up space on iPhone without deleting apps?” then you should go with the below solution,

Media files use more space to save HD photos and videos on the iPhone and iPad compare to our important documents and Data. Remove unused large media files from the Photos app directly from iPhone settings, Under the Manage storage. See the videos taking up the most storage in the photos app and consider deleting them.

  • Open Settings app > General > iPhone Storage > Photos > Review Personal Video > Swipe on Video to Right and Find the Option for Delete.
Delete Personal Video that unused from iPhone
Delete Personal Video that unused from iPhone

This way is useful for quickly free up storage. if you don’t find this option, then manually check inside the photos app and delete one by one.

Delete video from iPhone photos app
Delete video from iPhone photos app

Manually Free Up Storage From Photos App on iPhone/iPad

It is advisable to upload the photos by connecting the device to wifi otherwise it will consume your whole data pack.

  • Open Photos App on iPhone, Tap on Album tab from the beneath of the iPhone screen > Scroll to Videos option > Here’s the list of Videos > Find the unused Videos at once by the option given at top “Select” > We can select multiple videos at once and Delete it.
Manually Delete Video from iPhone Using Photos app
Manually Delete Video from iPhone Using Photos app

Once you delete it, Don’t miss to completed delete from the Delete folder from your iPhone’ Photos app. Under the Album Tab > Scroll to last and Tap on Recently Deleted > Select All Photos and Videos > Delete all.

Delete all videos from recently deleted video on iPhone
Delete all videos from recently deleted video on iPhone
  • Now we can check the Available free space on iPhone under the Settings > General > About > Available [Free Space].
  • Without Deleting Let’s Free Up Gigabytes of Storage [i Free Up 10 GB+ on my iPhone]

    Optimize iPhone Storage on iPhone
    Optimize iPhone Storage on iPhone
    • Step 1: Go to “Settings”.
    • Step 2: Tap on the Banner of your name
    • Step 3: Then open “iCloud” and tap on “Photos”.
    • Step 4: Turn on “iCloud Photo Library” and then tap on “Optimise iPhone Storage”.

    Delete “Recently Deleted Album” Permanently or Delete Podcasts

    Some of the Applications storage media files like Podcasts, Music apps, iMovie, Keynote, Voice memos. You can look after each one and try to delete unused recordings and Downloading that’s not useful. Follow the below steps for delete podcasts files.

    Delete Downloaded Podcast from iPhone [i free Up up to 14GB on my iPhone]

    Podcast will automatically download the full episodes on your iPhone to play it offline when we play on iPhone. You can delete all Episodes at once or Delete the choice of your Episodes only.

    1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
    2. Tap on General > iPhone Storage > After a wait for few seconds Find Podcast option.
    Remove Downloaded Podcasts Episods from iPhone
    Remove Downloaded Podcasts Episods from iPhone
  • Tap on it, To see All Downloaded podcast, Edit to find the delete option for each podcast. To Delete podcast, Tap on minus sign and Tap on Delete that removes from your iPhone.
  • Delete Podcasts from iPhone
    Delete Podcasts from iPhone

    Remove Photos & Videos From Trash “Deleted Album”

    When you delete or remove photos from the iOS photos app, they directly get stored in the folder named “Recently Deleted Album”. Even this album also exhausts some space for iPhone. Hence it is better to clear it.

    Delete all videos from recently deleted video on iPhone
    Delete all videos from recently deleted video on iPhone
    • Step 1: Open the “Photos” app.
    • Step 2: Set an album view and then tap on “Recently Deleted”.
    • Step 3: Now choose the pictures that you want to delete permanently.
    • Step 4: Now tap on “Delete”.

    That’s all.

    3. Offload Unused Apps: [I free up 13 GBs of Storage on iPhone]

    Auto Remove Unused apps by Offload apps

    It always happens that there are few apps available by default which is out of your interest and you never open them. In this case, the iPhone offers you to get rid of them and save some storage for your beloved apps and photos.

    Offload Unused App on iPhone-2
    Offload Unused App on iPhone-2

    Now we will see how can we enable them

    • Step 1: Launch “Settings”.
    • Step 2: Tap on “General” and open “iPhone Storage”.
    • Step 3: Tap on an app which you want to “offload”.

    Delete unused apps and games

    • Force Delete used apps that not useful now

    The apps which are no longer requiring, uninstall them because a single app or games can acquire a minimum of 200MB of total space. So if you delete three apps around 500MB can be cleared, and it might result in big savings for you.

    Press and hold on the particular app until (x) appears on the app. After that tap on (x) and confirm to delete that app. Similarly, delete the apps from the iPhone.

    Buy Additional iCloud Storage

    • Spend More Money on iCloud Storage Purchase

    You might be aware of Apple offers 5GB iCloud storage free of cost. But as demands are increasing storage space provided by Apple are insufficient for some people. After realizing it, Apple is providing extra iCloud storage at different plans. If you want some iCloud space, then you can buy it as per your requirement. Let’s upgrade iCloud Storage on iPhone.

    Here I’m representing some iCloud plans

    • 50GB for $0.99/Month
    • 200GB for $2.99/Month
    • 2TB for $9.99/Month

    Delete bunch messages and pictures from iMessages

    • Delete Message Data and Pictures 

    Messages which contain videos and pictures consume plenty of storage. It is better for you to delete the complete chat if possible otherwise delete some messages, videos, and photos.

    If you want to delete all messages at once then follow steps:

    Open Messages app on iPhone > Tap on Conversation > Tap on Profile name or (i) icon at the top right corner of the screen, Scroll down and See all media file > Press and hold to delete media file from message app.


    • Step 1: Go to “Settings”.
    • Step 2: Tap on “General” and open “iPhone Storage” app. Next Tap on Messages > Type of data we can delete “Photos, Videos, Gifs, and Stickers”.
    Delete Messages attachment and video on iPhone


    • Similarly, you can delete photos, videos, Gifs and stickers, and other data too. To delete chat one by one simply open messages and tap on edit and delete it.

    Turn off iCloud Photo Sharing

    It is a better and simple option to save some space. Because when you enable this feature some photos, you might not like will also be visible in your library. On iPhone, you have a great option not to allow any other or shared photos in your library to absorb your storage.

    • Step 1: Go to “Settings”.
    • Step 2: Next, Scroll down and open “Photos”.
    • Step 3: Find “iCloud Photo Sharing” and turn off “iCloud Photo Sharing”.
    Optimize iPhone Storage on iPhone
    Optimize iPhone Storage on iPhone

    But if you turn off this feature then some of your photos that you are sharing with other people will be deleted from their photo library to be aware of this and perform an action.

    Enable Automatically Expire Audio iMessage on iPhone

    • This option allows you to delete the Audio message once you listen and after wait for 2 minutes automatically. Check this option and Enable it on your iPhone. Go to the Settings app > Messages > Expire > After 2 Minutes.
    • When you send or listen to and audio message, it will automatically be removed from your conversation history after 2 minutes. Another option is set to never.

    Enjoy large space after performing small efforts to free up space on iPhone.

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