Best Budget Monitor for Mac Mini M1 in 2022

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Last Updated on May 26, 2022

One of the cheapest Mac gadgets you can obtain is Mac Mini M1. It is an efficient device that provides you access to the Apple system. But it does not ship with a monitor. So, if you have bought a Mac Mini M1, it is necessary to purchase an external monitor. To simplify your hassles on which Mac Mini M1 to buy at an affordable price, we have presented a valuable article that emphasizes various budget-friendly monitors for this device. 

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Suppose this article sounds like you; ensure placing an Amazon order now at the most affordable prices and various discounts. Remember to read this article thoroughly to decide which monitor for Mac Mini M1 suits your budget, and without delays, go with our recommended ones!

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Mac mini M1 compatible monitor list

1. Acer Ultra-thin Zero Frame Full HD IPS Monitor


Enjoy HD entertainment at the convenience of home with this Full HD IPS monitor. We have this Acer 21.5-inch monitor under $150 as an appropriate recommendation for you if you want to experience a lifelike viewing experience. Its wide-screen IPS LCD screen blends a chic ultra-thin design with the FHD resolution. The 75 Hz refresh rate and 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution in this monitor make it a desirable product. With the help of a VGA and an HDMI port, you can connect compatible devices.

The 4-ms response time represents the implementation of cutting-edge technology. A Kensington slot is also available. To benefit from the best and most comfortable viewing experiences, you can vary horizontal and vertical viewing angles up to 178-degree. You can place your Amazon purchase now and begin exploring the benefits of this Acer 21.5-inch IPS monitor without any delay.

Pros of buying Acer Ultra-thin Zero Frame Full HD IPS Monitor

  • Stylish, ultra-thin design 
  • 4-ms response time
  • Excellent screen visibility 
  • No stuttering and tearing
  • IPS technology

2. ViewSonic 24 Inch IPS Monitor


For those looking for a Full HD monitor for professional usage, we have this ViewSonic monitor for under $300 as a suitable recommendation. The four-sided frameless bezels provide an outstanding viewing experience, whether for home or office usage. The available ports like a USB 3.1, an HDMI 1.4, a VGA input, and a DisplayPort input allows you to connect various devices. For example, you can connect PCs, laptops, and Mac/Apple OS.

Due to the flicker-free functionality and cutting-edge ergonomic design, this monitor boosts work productivity. Hence, you can accomplish more work on your Mac Mini M1. Besides, even though you use it for hours, you will not experience discomfort in your eyes. If you are certain about buying this 24-inch FHD monitor, we recommend you to have a quick Amazon order so that it gets timely delivered to your anticipated location.

Pros of buying ViewSonic 24 Inch IPS Monitor

  • Advanced ergonomics design 
  • Wide connectivity
  • Premium color panel 
  • Lifelike, vivid, and accurate visuals
  • No strain on eyes

3. LG Neo Blade III 24-inch Monitor


Boasting more coverage, this LG appliance is a wonderful option for all graphic designers, professional photographers, or anybody searching for precise color output in the visuals. It comes at under $200, with Full HD resolution and a 75 Hz refresh rate. In addition, it is straightforward to connect external devices with the help of two HDMI and a DVI-D port.

Since the color depth is 16.7M colors, the visuals always appear vibrant and lifelike. The 2.5 mm bezels eliminate any sort of distractions while viewing. Moreover, these bezels allow the monitor screen to fit in any workspace seamlessly. Placing a rapid Amazon purchase would meet your requirements, and you would receive this LG 24-inch Full HD monitor shipped directly to your doorstep!

Pros of buying LG Neo Blade III 24-inch Monitor

  • On-screen control 
  • Reader mode 
  • Sleek arc-like design
  • Screen split offers to multitask
  • It does not occupy much space

4. ASUS ProArt Display Monitor


If you want a monitor that can present accurate colored images on the output, we have this 27-inch WQHD monitor under $500 from Asus as an appropriate recommendation. You can benefit from connectivity flexibility with the included USB 3.1 hub, an HDMI port, and a DisplayPort.

Its backlight LED display supports a 178-degree broad viewing angle. As a result, the color output appears dynamic. Moreover, this device is Calman Verified and comes with color accuracy. Hence, the resultant images are precisely reproduced over the screen. This also allows you to see how your work output would appear when ready precisely. So, without wasting a minute, you can place your Amazon purchase order today and explore the outstanding viewing experience from this Asus WQHD monitor.

Pros of buying ASUS ProArt Display Monitor

  • Slim bezels and appealing design
  • Comfortable viewing
  • Ultra-low blue light technology 
  • PiP and PbP modes offer to multitask
  • Lifelike color output

5. INNOCN 27-inch Computer Monitor


With a prime focus on presenting lifelike color output, this 27-inch monitor offers an outstanding viewing experience. Whether at home or office or gaming, we have this best budget 4K monitor for mac mini m1 as a decent recommendation for you. It also helps you in your photo or video editing projects. The equipped ports are a DP, a USB C, two USB 3.0, two HDMI, and a 3.5 mm audio jack. With the assistance of these ports, you can easily connect devices like phones, laptops, tablets, Mac, and more.

Every time, the image output seems lifelike and vibrant. The other display parameters are 400 nits of peak brightness and 178 degrees broad viewing angle. It is suggested that you should benefit from this computer monitor and place your Amazon without any delay!

Pros of buying INNOCN 27-inch Computer Monitor

  • PIP/PBP modes improve productivity
  • Engaging audio with dual 5W integrated speakers
  • True UHD 4K image quality
  • Less blurring and ghosting
  • No strain or discomfort to eyes
  • Best choice because no flickering, burn-in, or wrong color after sleep on M1 Mini

6. LG Monitor Ultrafine 27-inch Monitor for Mac


Your hunt for the best 5k monitor for mac mini m1 is over if you choose this LG monitor. With support for 500 nits’ peak brightness and a P3 color gamut, this monitor’s display expresses sharp text and realistic images. The image output always features a broad range of colors. 

Due to the flat design of the IPS panel, there will be no distractions while viewing. Three USB Type-C ports and a Thunderbolt 3 are included. With the help of the mentioned ports, you can connect Mac Mini M1 and other compatible gadgets. By placing an Amazon purchase order for this LG’s Ultrafine 5K monitor, you can let your requirements fulfilled and receive this appliance shipped directly to your desired location!

Pros of buying LG Monitor Ultrafine 27-inch Monitor for Mac

  • Wide color gamut 
  • Excellent color accuracy and clarity
  • Rich and fine visual details
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Can send data, 5k video, and audio at once

Now that you have glanced through the list of monitors, we believe you must make your work easier by bringing this addition to your everyday lifestyle. Besides, a monitor will help ease the strain on your eyes and help you attain a better work or gaming space. Undoubtedly, monitors ensure complete protection and are safe to use. In this article, with our budget-friendly options, we are confident that you will pick your best suit without further ado!

Frequently Asked Questions – 

1. Can I use any monitor with Mac mini M1? 

Yes, it is allowed to use any monitor for your M1 Mac mini but make sure the display has the necessary adapters or ports. Ensure that this Mac mini is equipped with USB-4/ Thunderbolt ports and HDMI ports. These ports enable you to connect two different displays concurrently. Hence, it is easy to use any monitor with your Mac Mini M1 with appropriate accessories and ports.

2. Does Mac mini M1 Support a 4K monitor? 

This device can support a 4K monitor up to a 60 Hz refresh rate. The connection can be made through an HDMI port. Since Mac Mini M1 can also support a 6K display up to 60 Hz with a refresh rate through a Thunderbolt port, you can easily connect an external display with a Thunderbolt 3 port and an external display having an HDMI 2.0 port.

3. Can you use an external monitor with M1 Mac Mini?

When using a Mac mini with an M1 chip, connecting an external display via a USB-C port and another display via the HDMI 2.0 port is possible. Moreover, connecting an external monitor with a 5K display via a USB-C port or a maximum of three 4K displays via two USB-C ports and an HDMI 2.0 port is possible.

4. Which monitor goes best with Mac mini?

Asus ProArt works best with Mac Mini. The mentioned model of the monitor is quite affordable with zero negotiations on quality. Whether it’s a photo, video editing, graphic designing, gaming, or any other professional task, the mentioned model works well. 

5. How many monitors can a Mac mini M1 Support?

Unlike the other devices available in Apple’s lineup, Mac Mini M1 does not ship with a display. The only accessories you get from the package are a power cord, an Apple sticker, and regulatory information. It implies that you have to arrange for your mouse, keyboard, and display. It is possible to connect a maximum of six monitors simultaneously. But note that the total number of monitors you can connect depends on the screen resolution. 

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